• Stories of the Lands

    Sacred Mystical Travels

    Join us as we travel to explore our inner worlds through the outer one.

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    Stand in the Spirit of place, allow yourself to be receptive without point of view.


    I combine my love of exploring the world with Divine wisdom that guides me to offer you unique opportunities and insights through travel.


    At Sacred Mystical Travels we are passionate about creating and supporting spiritual adventures and sacred journeys. We build space for magical experiences and profound discoveries centered around sharing wisdom about sacred sites, spaces and the stories that surround them. In our journeys, we will delve into the mystical, tapping into the unique energies of each location. Together, we will open, unlock, and explore, going beyond mere historical facts.


    We invite you to embark on your own transformational journey, magic awaits. Each site we visit holds a distinct tapestry of knowledge, resonating differently with each person. As we absorb new vibrations and frequencies, our physical and spiritual selves are enriched. These sacred sites have the power to change us.


    *2024 Travel Opportunities

    We invite you to join us this year to mystical Scotland, France, Cyprus and Turkey. I am currently sharing travel, as an intern with Sacred Mystical Journeys. We will explore lands, stories, cultures and mysticism through deep wisdom and love. Even as I intern I will be offering support for you along the way.

    The links below will take you to the offerings.

    As you register let us know I sent you.


    Travel to Sacred France in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene


    Travel Sacred Scotland immerse into the Druid mysteries of this ancient Holy Land


    Travel to the Sacred lands of ancient Turkey experience the uniqueness of the Divine Feminine


    May you travel through your journey in curiosity so you may feel and discover what holds you always.  


    *2025 Travel Opportunities


    Sacred travel to Peru - discovery, learning, connecting, opening 

    Travel to Divine France in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene

    Information coming soon....


    Please email me here for any inquirys regarding the tours.

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