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    About Me


    My journey has been about removing labels, perhaps that’s why there’s not just one word for what I do. I am a multidimensional channel for truth, your truth. I see, feel, hear, know and communicate with spirit. I have always been clairvoyant receiving messages from my guides. Knowing, however, was one thing, trusting the calling took courage. For so long I hid my true gifts until I could no longer ignore the signs in my life that showed me I had deviated off course. I knew there was more to life than I was experiencing and when I was ready to listen that’s when everything shifted

  • From as early as I can remember feeling everything. Sometimes it was almost too much. We live in a society that conditions us to shut down our inner voices, and are entering a new era in which many of us are being called back to our true nature. I’ve learned that the universe demands us to evolve and while it can be an uncomfortable process, it’s essential for our rebirth.


    I spent the majority of my life conforming to what others expected out of a place of deep unworthiness. It was through a storm in my own life in my 40s that I found the courage to embrace my own gifts. After years of devaluing myself in an emotionally abusive relationship, I lost my corporate job, our home was foreclosed on and I worried about how I would provide for my two kids. I lacked a clear vision for moving forward. What I truly desired was clouded by fear and all the beliefs that told me I wasn’t safe or good enough.


    I sought the wisdom of master teachers and immersed myself in energy healing, tarot, yoga, sound healing, Reiki, Shamanism and the School of the Sacred Wild. My intuition became louder. I began witnessing synchronicities. My own gifts as a healer began to emerge. I stepped into my role as a psychic and shamanic healer in which I began leading others to the highest point of their soul.


    I am a life coach of sorts. During our sessions I go beyond the surface. I provide feedback and support that liberates my clients from fear while leading them back to their true essence. I go beyond the surface. I show people how to change the world they are stuck in. When you release the stagnant emotions and energy that no longer serves you, finally you can make sense of your journey and continue on with courage.


    And when you shift your energy and free yourself from the past, old beliefs and teachings that are not authentic life becomes easier. There’s no more guessing about your direction or next steps. The constrictions from struggle and strain begin to alleviate. This allows you to operate from a place of empowerment and open the doors to more joy, peace and love.

    A lot of us are reaching for something instead of looking inside ourselves. I help people understand how they are showing up and create something new from a place of ease and trust. There are so many triumphs in our life. It’s small steps and joys that open up new paths. It's about unlearning what you’ve been told and taught and having the discernment to know what’s yours and isn’t yours. Knowing who you are is the clearest path to receiving illumination and speeding up your evolution.

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