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    Yo Soy Noqan Kani, Susan

    Intuitive Guide, Shamanic Practitioner, Channel, Psychic, Teacher, Traveler


    Yo soy noqan kani is a greeting, an introduction of sorts that is from the Quechua tradition. It is taught when connecting to the Apu's, the Nustas, Spirit. Here I am, this is me.


    My journey has been about removing labels, perhaps that’s why there’s not just one word for what I do. I am a multidimensional channel for truth, your truth.

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    From as early as I can remember I felt everything. Sometimes it was almost too much. We live in a society that conditions us to shut down our inner voices and now we are entering a new era in which many of us are being called back to our true nature. The internal questions or what we can no longer ignore is getting louder. I’ve learned that the universe demands us to evolve and while it can be an uncomfortable process, it’s essential for our rebirth.

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    I spent the majority of my life conforming to what others expected out of a place of deep unworthiness. I had ignored and hid my abilities. It was through a storm in my own life in my 40s that I found the courage to embrace these gifts. After years of devaluing myself in an emotionally abusive relationship, I lost my corporate job, our home was foreclosed on and I worried about how I would provide for my two kids. I lacked a clear vision for moving forward. It was during this time I heard a voice that said, "there is more to this life." It was an invitation of sorts. What I truly desired was clouded by fear and all the beliefs that told me I wasn’t safe or good enough. But this voice led me forward.

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    I sought the wisdom of master teachers to help me figure myself out. Inevitably, I enhanced my gifts of sight, I developed my skills of psychic and channeling abilities and also immersed myself in energy healing, tarot, yoga, sound healing, Reiki, Shamanism and herbalism. I realized I was changing my direction from fate to destiny. Fate is the story that's been written by another while destiny is the story that you write.

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     My intuition became louder. I began witnessing synchronicities. My own gifts as a healer began to emerge. I stepped into my role as an intuitive and shamanic healer in which I began leading others to the highest point of their soul.

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    I am a life coach of sorts. During our sessions I go beyond the surface. I provide feedback and support that liberates my clients from fear while leading them to rememberance of their true essence. I show you how to change the world you are stuck in. When you release the stagnant emotions and energy that no longer serves you, finally you can make sense of your journey and continue on with courage and expansion.

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    As I connected to this Yew tree that is over 1000 years old, I was brought back to remembrances of deeper connections that are far beyond the present day.

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    "It is only through shadows that one comes to know the light."

    St. Catherine of Siena


    "There is no light without darkness and no darkness without light." unknown

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    Do you continue to hide yourself and pretend or feel the discomfort pushing you to be seen and to step?

  • Patterns I learned growing up:


    I learned to speak when I was spoken to, that some emotions weren't relevant and love was bought. I learned that cuddling wasn't really the norm and you do what you're told. I learned to live within parameters for safety but also internal confinement. I learned that men took care of women, that saying I love you and thank you were robotic and not felt. I also learned to see the positive in all things, be optimistic, to explore people and places, to give back when I can and to love animals. I learned what my parents knew and I understand that they taught from this space in the best way they could.


    As an empathic child I felt others so easily but didn't understand it and on top of that I was being taught to not express myself or talk about what I thought were my feelings, taught to compress it all down and this was confusing.


    Looking back I see how Spirit was speaking to me then as well, but I followed the lines of not sharing what wasn't of the "norm" so I lived an internal battle. This showed up in weight issues, in stomach pains, depression, anxiety, in self devaluing and low self esteem.


    I can see now in that emotional abusive relationship he did very well at hiding himself, but than again, so did I. Toward the end of this union I kept feeling and hearing a voice that said there was more to this life. When one is involved in something that is so limiting to ones soul it's easier to hear, I believe, these messages to lead us forward.


    We attact what we hold onto. Most of the time we don't know what that is, we only see the results. We give ourselves great service when we can understand how and why we create, free of blame or judgement.


    Life is a continual evolvement. A spiral of life. Nothing is finite. As I have shifted, continue to shift, as I have recalibrated, and continue to recalibrate, my inner self to support my true essense, my beliefs, my self view, I know my place in this life is perfect and doesn't need to be accepted or denied by anyone. Neither does yours.


    At one point I did arrive to a space of deep appreciation for all in my life. I am able to look back and see how each soul has helped me on my journey. Each partner or choice of food or exercise or career helped support my stories of what I believed and thought I deserved.


    And as you gain more self awareness of your own creation, as you shift your vibration and how you show up in your own journey, you pull back the reins, gain control and speed forward in your highest destiny.