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    1:1 Sessions to Explore, Be Curious & Heal

  • Many of us are reaching for something externally instead of looking inside ourselves. I help people understand how they are showing up and to create something new from a place of ease and trust. There are so many triumphs in our life. It’s small steps and joys that open up new paths. It's about unlearning what you’ve been told and taught and having the discernment to know what’s yours and what isn’t. Knowing who you are is the clearest path to receiving illumination and speeding up your evolution.


    People come to me for a multitude of reasons including energetic changes, answers, direction and clarity for any and all aspectes of their life. They want to know why their life is not working. What I offer is more than a psychic reading. You gain far more by understanding the whys beyond the emotional constraints and additionally receiving energetic healing which can lift, cleanse, open and or restore. Clients leave embodied and empowered as they learn to connect with the truth inside themselves, moving in the direction of their soul more clearly.


    When you shift your energy and free yourself from the past, old beliefs and teachings that are not authentic, life becomes easier. There is no more guessing about your direction or next steps. The constrictions from struggle and strain begin to alleviate. This allows you to operate from a place of empowerment and open the doors to more joy, peace and love.


    As an intuitive guide, teacher, healer and seer, I combine my ability to tune into the frequency of your soul's path (past, present and future) with channeled wisdom, Shamanic energy healing, somatic therapies, sound healing, ceremony, herbal allies & sacred tours to help you unlock your own wisdom and inner guidance system.


    I offer you perspective

    I offer you support

    I offer you change

    I offer you a path of pulling back your power

    Standing more in your own empowerment

    Creating from your wholeness

    Instead of from lack, doubts, struggles or strains


    Instead of Trial and error

    I invite you into Awe + curiosity

    I invite you to understand something new

    I invite you to know the essence of who you are

    I open a door to your souls deeper view

    I offer insight into what is effecting your body, mind, & spirit connection and how to align this more fully

    I support your ability to feel & be grounded, connected to wholeness


    I offer you World at your finger tips

    Both physical and spiritual


    I currently offer sessions by phone, zoom and in person (San Diego)


    One session is $225

    Package of 3 is discounted to $625

    Package of 6 is discounted to $1150

    A session is approximately 60-75 minutes


    I accept payment through Venmo (@Susan-Harris-16),

    Zelle (susan@susanhharris.com please note 2 h's) 

    and Paypal (www.paypal.me/susanhharris) which allows

    you to use your credit card


    Once you are offered an appointment time your payment confirms this date.


    Please email me at susan@susanhharris.com or click here to book a sessionundefined


    I offer classes which I share through my newsletter. Click here to sign upundefined


    *Change often isn't an overnight feat therefore, package options are beneficial for those ready to seek beyond the initial questions, steer toward inner discoveries and create substantial changes. The packages can also be shared with family or friends.


    How to prepare for a session:

    Along with any questions, arrive with curiosity, an openness to hear something different, open to energetics, open to shifting, to receiving, to letting go, open and trusting yourself and why you are called to the session. For it is usually more than what you think.