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    "We rarely hear the inward music but we are all dancing to it nonetheless." Rumi

  • Sessions & Classes to Explore, Be Curious & Heal

    I currently offer appointments by phone, zoom and in person (San Diego)


    One session is $225

    Package of 3 is discounted to $625

    Package of 6 is discounted to $1150

    A session is approximately 60-75 minutes


    I accept payments and donations through the following:

    Venmo (@Susan-Harris-16),

    Zelle (susan@susanhharris.com please note 2 h's) 

    Paypal (click for link here) which allows

    you to use your credit card


    Once you are offered an appointment time your payment confirms this date.


    Please email me at susan@susanhharris.com or click here to book a session


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    Remember Who You Are


    We are all here to remember our true selves, a journey unfolding through experiences. 


    Each question and curiosity you have holds deep potential. Our sessions empower you with wisdom, offering gateways to change, connection, and freedom.


    Often, we search externally instead of looking within. Spirit and I guide clients to go inward, helping them understand how they're showing up in life and create new possibilities from ease and trust.


    Clients seek my services for energetic shifts, clarity, direction, or understanding why life isn’t working as hoped. My offerings are far more than psychic readings. You’ll gain insights into emotional constraints and receive energetic healing to lift, cleanse, open, and restore. Clients leave empowered, connected to their truth, and moving clearly in the direction of their soul. 


    Shifting your energy and freeing yourself from anchoring beliefs makes life easier. No more guessing about your next steps. Struggles and strain lift, allowing you to embrace joy, peace, and love. 


    As a conduit for The All That Is, I offer wisdom and healing through channeling, Shamanic practices, energetics, somatic therapies, sound healing, ceremony, herbal allies, and sacred tours. These help you unlock your own inner wisdom and remember who you truly are. 


    What You Are Offered:





    The World at Your Fingertips: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually 


    Are you ready for something more?


    Book your session today, email me here and let's get started