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    I offer you a transformational experience through self discovery

    mind * body * spirit

  • Authentic, direct, loving, empowering, joyful advisor and life opener

    I offer you a path inward. An opening to the Greater Self, the consciousness alive in you.

    I reached so high to touch the stars and remembered I am having an earth experience so I then looked and saw those bright lights around me.

    They are in people and plants and animals. They are in every discussion and embrace. The light I reached so far outward for I saw within everything and everyone and even myself.

    I and you may be made of the stars but we are here to bring that energy, all that wisdom, that joy, that love, that grandness to the here and now.

    You are here for purpose and that is to be all that you are. There are no two stars alike just as there are no two souls on earth exactly the same. That is your magic, your medicine, what you are here for.

    Be you!

    Learn to walk your own walk and not under another. Learn what your own truth is and be in that more. Learn to express yourself fully as you.



    Who Am I? That questioned has turned into what Am I? For you and I can be anything. We grab and reach for our identities or boxes to place ourselves in or maybe we've taken on a label given to us which may not feel all that good.

    But we are inevitably so much bigger then a label.

    I followed the question of Who Am I for a long time and found coverings. A label I or another has placed upon me. A layer not yet opened or released. But my story goes far beyond any title that has been attached to me and so does yours. The badges have guided me perhaps, helped me place a mile marker on my journey. However, inevitably I am this soul having a journey of opening up to All That I Am. Discovering with each breath my purpose. And so are you.....


    - Here is a small introduction of me....


    Raised in a middle class family, my youth was spent moving, traveling and feeling everything. I didn't really feel connected to any particular location, only the animals, elements and nature. I carried a knowing and seeing more then most but I didn't know how to decipher any of it. So I held onto it all, I learned to mute myself because I could feel and see the turmoils and I became a chameleon. These all helped me understand my gifts, how I can dial into any energy and understand it and connect with it, but first I had to go through my own struggles.


    When we aren't guided into our full beings, the outside world - parental figures, society, belief systems are structured in place to keep us safe in boxes, limited, fearful perhaps and so if somewhere within us we don't see our own inner alignment with these boxes we think something is wrong with us. Of course nothing is wrong with you. This is one of your first awarenesses that your uniqueness doesn't fit into any box.


    Thus I took the bag I had filled with unworthiness, not lovable as I am and to get what I craved I had to lessen myself and fight and I grew up.


    I spent most of my life hiding, conforming, struggling financially and being pushed so far out of who I truly was that it took a long term emotionally abusive relationship to shake me up. This relationship summed up my life - it's always my fault, which led to I'll save you, then onto my new perspective of I can't save you, you are who you are and I can except it or not but I have to put me first.


    It was at this point I heard very loudly the whisper within that said there is more to life than this. That voice had been there all along it just took me to where I was, surrendering, for me to hear it.


    Everything seemed to be crashing around me at this point. You know to rebuild a foundation sometimes the whole place has to be gutted. Our house was being foreclosed on, we were divorcing, I was losing my job to downsizing and I had no money, two kids and no idea how I would move forward.


    Life will always support you in how you show up, emotions, thoughts, beliefs are aiding in your manifestations. You will always be proven right. Thus, I moved, got some money and a job appeared. Sure it wasn't as graceful as it may seem but my point is we are always supported and sometimes it's by people we least expect.


    From here I started to follow my inner guidance. Teachers and classes showed up as I needed them. I was following my curiosity. Exploring myself. I had no plan. All of what I was navigating through led me to understand me, release what wasn't that and open who I Am. What I discovered was my expanded connection to life.


    I opened a connection that some may term channeling but also my intuition, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, telepathy and empathy. became clearer. I became a more clear psychic.


    Through this expansion I am able to see who you are at your core and what's held on top of that. You can probably sense when another is angry or joyous, or when it's best to leave the room or stay. Well, I can do that too, it's just the book I'm reading as I meet with clients, people and be in places runs deep.


    We can't change something or even see we have choices if we aren't aware of it. And, beautiful, you have more choices then you see. It's important for you to understand yourself more then you do at this moment.


    With this, I am able to show you your future and light your path for change, growth, understanding and clarity. In this, healing occurs. Where your past no longer hangs on for control and keeps you limited and in struggle. I offer you a 360 degree view. One where you are shown the future, are able to understand your past and create in the present.


    I offer a gateway to guide you in owning your personal power while teaching you how to take responsibility for your life so that you may create the changes to truly step into your authentic self.


    I am who I am and to open to me more I delved into teachings. I became a Reiki Master Teacher which advanced to a Shamanic full mesa carrier. I am certified as a Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and SUP yoga teacher. I continue to learn in Evolutionary Herbalism and Astrology. If we stop learning, we stop growing therefore I continue to work with many powerful Shaman, teachers, herbalists and healers to aide in continually tuning to open me and streamline my awakened gifts.


    My intention is to help empower you to understand yourself beyond what you've been told and taught so you may create with ease your desires and what you are here to do. I do this by utilizing my gifts, who I Am, to be in service to you.



    There is a Native American saying:

    "If we look at the path, we do not see the sky. We are earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars. Our quest, our earth walk, is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that there is no separation, only in the mind."


    This has been her walk even though she didn't realize it. It was a natural uncovering in a sense. You may read about her path here.


    Thus this is what I am here to help you do - to know who you are

    without constraints.


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  • This path is freeing,

    it's peace, it's empowering, it's joy and it's love.

    It is All That Is. It is All That You Are.

    At times we cannot see how life will ever change. We feel stuck in what is happening or what isn’t happening.

    In these moments it is beneficial to go inward. To step away from all the emotions and Be. Become present by taking a deep breath or dance or sing or write, find your way to the here and now. And when you do a light will shine leading you through.


    I see your soul, your life journey, who you are at your core and beyond the challenges, I see what you long for and what you hide. I know you, for we are One. This is how I show up for you. As a partner, a Mystic, a healer, a guide. Aiding you through.


    Your journey starts in this moment.

    This path is freeing, it's peace, it's empowering, it's joy, it's love, it's abundant. It is All That Is.



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    November 22, 2021
    Moving from our history is a process. It’s as if as we walk forward we shed a piece of clothing. Slowly stripping ourselves of an old way and stepping into freshness like new skin.  The relationship I had with money was dysfunctional to say the least. This relationship was unbalanced,...
    August 18, 2021
    How did I get here?  Restricted in my movements with a burned foot.  As the days have gone by I become less focused on the story and all the choices that led me to this point and more to the teachings of it all.   As I have done more and more inner work the questions of why did this happen to...
    January 31, 2021 · self love,channel,psychic,clairvoyant
    This is me. I can tell you all the things wrong with this picture. My lazy eye that I don’t understand, my crooked smile and tooth, the added weight I haven’t befriended. My crazy hair that hasn’t been colored in a year. But I can also look deeper and tell you my smile is authentic, I laugh...
    December 18, 2020
    2020 has been a year for me to deep dive into myself. How about you? To understand this life, why we are here, our processes, my processes and my connection to the Spirit world. I do believe we know from the get go what we are here to uncover. We may not understand or know the plan but we are...
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  • What My Clients Are Saying

    Kind words and praise from former clients. I am truly grateful for each soul I partner with.

    'I contacted Susan for support, guidance and reiki treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. Having ongoing sessions with Susan for the last year and a half has been the most impactful and healing thing I could have done for myself. I’ve seen very positive results in my health, relationships and mental and emotional state of being. She has empowered me so much with her amazing gifts of insight, wisdom and energy healing. She has taught me to view things in a deeper and more positive way which has lowered my anxiety and helped me to grow through some sad times. I’m beyond grateful to have found such a special person to help me at this particular time on my life journey. Thank you Susan! Much love!!!" KB


    "Susan is the real deal, I needed help with something I felt deeply conflicted about and she showed me the way through it. I am so happy I reached out to her. Her kindness and compassion helped me to feel I was in a safe place to share my heart. If you are conflicted, confused and need to know how things are going to turn out, Susan has the help you need!" JK


    “Hi beauty! Before closing my eyes, I want you to know what a gift you are to my soul! My life! My chakras:) More healing & clarity in our two sessions than I've had in so much time spent analyzing, therapy, and loads of everything. Thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom & guidance & awesome vibes ” JB


    “Just wanted to thank you for your service. You have been consistent, accurate and effective. I am truly grateful for you. Thank you for doing what you do” GC


    “Hi Susan You were so right about work!!! Exactly what u said happened “ JH


    “I want to say a few special words about a terrific soul and a great spiritual advisor who has helped me in so many ways. I can’t possibly begin to thank her enough. She has always been the voice of guidance and reason that I so desperately needed at times. I strongly recommend her to anyone out there who is struggling and their life needs direction. Now that the holidays are coming Susan you help so many. I’m just fortunate to be one of them, my deepest thanks.” JT.


    "So I scheduled some time with Susan because I had some uncertainty in my life and needed some clarity. She accommodated me although I'm currently in Singapore so we used Skype. I knew her through friends of friends and decided to give her a try. I was so surprised and impressed because many of the things she had told me were so spot on it made me cry. Her words and advice were very comforting and will definitely use her again in the future and recommend her to anyone I know." TP


    Susan has been a wonderful friend to me ever since we met in the spiritual community on Facebook. I never had an experience with someone who can read energy like she does. It was kind of mind-blowing how accurate she was the first time she gave me a reading. It was so specific to my wishes and desires, it was like my inner-child was reawakened with excitement now that I KNEW what I truly wanted to go after in my life.

    Each time I visited with Susan I gave her my authentic self. The more I opened up to her with clarity, the more deep and clear her response was to me. I often came to tears because I realized I had been burying my great truths inside myself. Susan helped me dig up the tons of dirt and to find my gold.

    I even participated in one of her energy-clearing sessions in which I cannot describe without writing a book on. She really has some special and powerful gift to read energy. After the session was over, I became very clear on my childhood and the present moment. I had been ignoring my soul's desires and I now know the life I want to live.

    I don't just feel like a "client" to her, but rather a respected and loved human being. She is very truthful and does not support my excuses when I speak about any limiting beliefs I may have. She reminds me over and over of who I AM.

    Susan is truly an empowering woman with a very divine gift to help me RETURN back to the greatest version of me, my authentic-self. KJS


    You are amazing! My reading was right on! Keep on with your amazing work! JE


    I highly recommend Susan if you need a life check in. MY


    Susan gave an incredible reading!! details were spot on. I was blown away by her accuracy and loved her style and sincerity while reading me. Even after the reading and still to this day, I marvel at things that she shared that really impacted my life, my relationships and my outlook. Thank you, Susan for an incredible reading! SC


    There are very few people I have met along my journey thus far that I have felt a soul connection with, and Susan being one of them. She is a woman of authenticity, has a heart to serve, and uses her gifts with great integrity. What I appreciate about Susan is, she does not take your power away during a reading, but rather guides you back to your own truth and inner strength to create positive change in your life. Thank you Susan for sharing your gift of connecting to Spirit and the time spent during my healing session the other day! - JM


    "If you're looking for sound advice that's applicable, clarity, truth and a deeper understanding of yourself look no further. Susan will provide all of the above. I am always a skeptic at the ability of intuitive healers. Some are good and others blow me away. Susan is the latter. She is so spot on EVERY time. She can be blunt but doesn't make you feel judged. If you are ready for some major shifts then give her a call. You will be happy you did! Thanks Susan!!" - G.C


    " Wanted to tell the world about you..so here we go:

    The POWERFUL Susan Harris...the woman literally rocks physically in her body as she channels energy. Every single session she has done on me (and there has been many as she is one of my favorite healers) my mind has been blown (I am a Reiki Master and I'll be the first to admit I'm super picky about who I use as a healer!) The messages she channels make me cry, immediately, upon hearing them (every time) and it's not a sad cry, but rather a "holy-crap-she-can-see-my-soul-and-this-world-is-so-much-bigger-than-we-can fathom cry. The sessions bring you deeper with your connection to God /Spirit/Om/Universe (or whatever you call it.). or help you establish a spiritual relationship if you don't have one already. She'll bring clarity and encouragement in your life providing healing, deeply: she will help you EVOLVE as you better understand your life..i highly highly recommend many sessions with this woman." SS


    "Amazing! I so appreciate you and your gift. I have done long distance reiki sessions before buy have never received anything so thorough from anyone. Every bit resonated so strongly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"



    "Thanks so much to Susan for helping me shift so deep rooted issues and supporting me to see what has happening to me physically and emotionally and helping with some skills to shift it and move forward. Much gratitude to you."


    "Susan - You were the answer to my prayers for clear messages from my guides, so thank you."

    "Powerful and insightful information, thanks for practicing on me."

    "Thank you so so much Susan! You blew me away again, so helpful and so spot on. Thank you, thank you so much!!!!!"

    "Thank you Susan for my reading yesterday. It was right on the mark."

    "Thank you so much Susan for the amazing reading, the confirmation I received and the tips from the guides have given me a wonderful sense of calm. You are amazing..."


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