• Sacred Travel

    What is sacred travel? In my opinion, it’s stepping with the intent to discover oneself more through other places, spaces and time. In my own processes I have found that being fully supported in these discoveries is needed. This starts with who is holding and carrying the sacred container to learn, grow, and release in, as well as receiving feedback and assistance when needed.


    I have been traveling since I was six years old. What I have found is there is so much depth in connection within ourselves and when we visit other places and spaces.


    You are the sacred site, the wide expansive land, the waters you see or swim in, the fire you commune around and the plants you eat.


    I have so much passion to travel and share the wonderful places on the earth, supporting you and your experiences.


    I offer to create and accompany you with your travels or simply escort you on your already created tours to help you dive deeper and get the most out of the adventures you are choosing.


    Sacred travel takes us out of our bubbles and when we are held in a safe container allows us to let go of baggage that has restrained us and open us in life impacting ways. As we travel along it helps to be supported and aided in our integration before and after we return home.

    When we step into learning, expanding, interweaving ourselves we aren't the same people when we go back to our bubbles, our routines. Life changes because you have.



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