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You and I


· empowerment,discover you,spiritual,shamanism,exhale

My path has led me to discoveries through tarot, reiki, astrology, psych-k, essential oils, oracle, herbalism, sound, yoga, channeling, song, plant medicines, community, travel and Shamanism. There are probably so many more teachings for this path has been long and not all of them come to mind as I write this. The point is I had to discover who I am more clearly through many perspectives. We don’t fit into boxes so allowing for exploration through different avenues can be supportive of our own soul’s growth. 

As I understood the reflections of myself I also gained perspective for the All. For the mirrors are always present and it is up to us to question, observe, reflect but also to utilize to help ourselves. If we don’t understand the mirrors or from our depths in which we navigate this life we can create struggles and chaos in movement. We can place ourselves in constant battle with what appears the outside world but yet all stems from within. 

How can you help yourself? How can you learn to listen and see from different perspectives? Start with an exhale. A moment to simply be. Discover through your days spaces in which there is no mind, no thought only a pause per se to allow something else in - a new thought, an aha, etc. If you are busy in the fight how can you see or hear anything else? That is why this step can be so empowering for you. 

We are all here to help each other. Thus, finding a guide or community that can support you is necessary because really if you had all the answers you wouldn’t be or feel the way you do right now. 

With love and blessings,