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Do you feel at times to be a beautiful chaotic mess....

Your life seemingly like a roller coaster. Up and down, joyous and fearful. Sometimes wanting to never stop riding while other times just wanting to get off?

For some it may seem life shows the highs so high while the lows so low. All to aide in understanding. It is not enough to be taught with words but another level emerges to embody deeply the comprehension first hand through mind, emotions, spirit and soul.

Occasionally it may appear you don’t have your shit together, you feel to be a rebel against conformity where once you ran to it. Your choices aren’t at times understandable by those that can’t see outside a box, you aren’t “normal.” You ask this experience to show up differently and try to get out of your own way to allow life to flow.

But it’s hard…

I remind you that though life or you may feel chaotic at times you are so so beautiful. Your light shines ever so brightly.

I see you. I see the depth of you. I see the shit bounding the expansiveness of you, I feel your turmoil and pain, but also your light of hope and joy, I see all of you so clearly.

I invite you to explore yourself, to stand in All That You Are and perhaps for you it’s an inquiry worth exploring.

Through sessions you learn your dance. You gain clarity, insight, awareness through mind, body and soul to ease your journey. But why would you even need this? Spirit reminds me we don’t need anything. It is of choice and I offer you options to create impactful changes in your life so your travel may be expansive, deep, empowering, joyful and uplifting.

In love,


Image by Daniel Greenwood photography