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Wisdom Share

Spirit speaks to me often in many ways. Sometimes I’m prompted to record the message or write or take mental note of the guidance of the understanding or simply allow myself to absorb what I’m given. Or I’m guided to pass the wisdom to whomever it is directed to.
As I drove today Spirit spoke to me and I wrote a voice memo. I’m guided to share with you what came through me. Perhaps for your understanding or for you to feel or absorb or for you to discard.

“See how creator is around you, is you. You can see or feel it as love from a child, look at the abundance of trees around you, or the ocean, nature. How does that feel? Maybe as you look you smile with the happiness you feel, the joy.
Creator is around you, surrounding you and encompasses you. Perhaps for a moment step away from the what you need to do, what has to be done, what so-and-so said or what drama is occurring. If you can step away from all that even for a moment you see, you feel a different perspective, one of All That You Are. Allow for Creator to come in or open really yourself up. That’s why people speak of meditation or yoga or sound healing or different ways to allow yourself to open, to the moment, to All That You Are and when you do, you find that some things don’t matter, you find that you see from different viewpoints, you find or really you discover love for yourself, love from within.

Do you honestly think God, Creator is here to destroy? Do you see that it is us that creates barriers to distance ourselves from All That We Are? Fear is implemented, hate is encouraged, judgment is depicted upon each other. All things that stand in the way, are created in the way so it isn’t easy for us to feel All That We Are. For the All That We Are is joy, love and abundance. Look around Mother Earth shows you these things. There is nothing to strive for, to gain or to hoard. When one lives simply, one sees, feels, knows everything is there.”

I love you!
Namaste beautiful one 🙏🏻❤️