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Birthday Wisdom

In about an hour, fifty years ago today my experience into and of this world would commence.

Spirit has had me up since 3:45am (I was born at 10:34am EST). Great play though. The dog had to go outside which isn't his normal routine since he enjoys sleeping in later just as much as me. However, Spirit is pretty smart because they knew just trying to nudge me wouldn't work. I tend to ignore those and try to fall back asleep. This time, I was up once the dog duty was complete.

Immediately I was downloaded with purpose, understanding on a new level. I took notes which helped bring up questions and clarity. A friend just yesterday mentioned I'd be receiving a download and to release the how's. I see how I help others feel, makes a difference. Even if it's in the moment or just for the moment. For if everything is in that space, things can shift. The vibration or awareness opens / lifts.

Today is my birthday, physically I don't feel different however I do feel wiser. I have moved and shifted though, opened up so much that I can't not help but feel more Universally wise.

Oh, back to my original point. Being aware prior to my birth time I equate it to getting the last minute details or map to this coming years experience. This morning was like not so much a reboot, but an upgrade or given the latest update to aide in this continuing experience. I've never felt this before prior to a birthday, but this one is different. I've done more work and stepped more fully into who and what I Am. It's exciting!

As I write, drinking my large coffee with an add shot, receiving birthday wishes from around the world I feel more whole than I have ever been. I feel more me, more grounded, more trusting. I don't think it has to do with the milestone but of the work.

I also can't help but remember Maria Yraceburu (a wise and powerful teacher) thumping me on the head yesterday and then walking away. I felt immediately that she opened up my crown or something. Like a key she was supposed to utilize for me.

I am truly grateful. There have been many people, many Spirits aiding me, that still help me on this journey. I look forward to this continuing voyage and the service I am here to do.

Thank you! Namaste Beautiful One