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Tribute to Jerry

Today marks three years since my step dad Jerry transitioned. I don’t see it as terrible that he passed right before my birthday. I see it as he gave me a gift of seeing “death” in a new light.

Just prior to his transition I was given the gift of looking into the seat of his soul. There I was shown the joy of a life complete, the happiness of returning fully energetically home. His physical body no longer in pain. To me, I know and understand the transition. I also know his energy is always here because we are all one, we are part of The All That Is therefore how could he really be gone? To me, he can’t.

He and I grew up together in a lot of ways. I miss his laugh and his positivity. He was generous, understanding and non-judgmental. Those that met him loved him. So today I honor his soul and I choose to remember the celebration of this life. 🙏🏻❤️