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Life Messages

I have a 100 lbs boxer mix that has challenged me immensely. And I wanted to share with you what I understood from opening my awareness to what he was teaching me. I originally asked for help wanting someone else to deal with and take away what I saw as a “problem.” Funny Spirit didn’t give me a savior instead I was guided to sit with Spirit and ask for guidance, being in a place of opening to listen and that everyone even our pets can be our mirrors.

There is a difference between fear based leading and standing in courage, empowerment, love and worth leading. I see I was totally leading my dog in fear. Why? Because I saw him as unpredictable. (In reflecting, am I not trusting me, am I giving my power away, am I allowing others to still dictate my actions?). I was hesitant taking him out in public and now in an apartment I’m really forced to no longer just let him out in the yard I HAVE to walk him. I can only put this task onto my kids so much, I had to face what I was being shown. And really I already knew this, but I was choosing to find excuses and put blinders on.

I see I was trying to find the perfect time to take him out where we wouldn’t pass anyone or any dogs, avoiding any conflict. I laugh because this has been a theme of mine - avoid conflict, keep the peace no matter what sacrifices I have to make.

However, is that really how to live? Always fearful, sheltering, hiding and not going out when I or he really wanted to? And how many of you can even relate to those questions in perhaps a different area in your life?

Thus I was urged very gently from Spirit to step up. My dog as my mirror, my reflection of what I am not fully standing in. For I have done this work before but it goes deeper now. This is not a cord to cut but a true deep understanding, knowing, being in my strength, my power and owning it. Releasing the facade of fear and allowing myself to be vulnerable, be open, be me. I’m grateful for this mirror so I can see where to make adjustments within.

Where perhaps do you need to make shifts within to stand fully in your authenticity?

I love you! Namaste beautiful one. 🙏🏻❤️


I like this quote. How you view challenges will either close you off or open you up to see the larger perspective and the various opportunities that await you.