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The Path

I tried to keep my path straight. School then a career to retire from however that didn't work for me. I wasn't a defiant person merely one lost, trying to fit into the boxes, abide by how "it should be done." I struggled with trying to please, not being happy and wanting more.

So as soon as someone came along to "save me" I went. But how could that work if I still didn't know who and what I was or what I truly offered the world? Thus I ran from that, still struggling but this time driven by pleasing my creditors. As you can imagine I still wasn't happy. I continued the balance of trying to fit into boxes, labels and pleasing. Oh then lucky me, another one to save me. I jumped on it. I might add that I ignored all the warning signs with both relationships because I wanted to find what I was searching for even though I didn't know what that was because I thought someone would bring it to me. Place it on a silver platter and the answers would all be there.

I had to be pushed hard by The Universe to finally start going within. Releasing all the screwed up thoughts I had that weren't serving me, that weren't helping me in all that I am. That were in the way of me being me. What's in that space? Happiness, deeper connection to others, abundance, peace, knowing myself. Knowing what I offer this world and that comes from within, the opening of who and what I am.

The path isn't straight and sometimes we can fight those curves or we can experience them with openness and curiosity. What do you choose?

I love you!

Namaste beautiful one 🙏🏻❤️

(Photo was taken at the Ranch of Beauty where I was honored to spend a few days with glorious energy and women)