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The Moment

As I start to walk out of my sludge, the crap I've complied that has kept me in revolving circumstances that hold me still, I try to listen. I try to hear and see the Universal guidance being given to me for it's really hard when we're in all that crap. So I take one moment at a time. For really that is all there is.

It is than that I can more easily hear, feel and all that sludge isn't there because that is the fear of the ego trying to keep me small, keep me limited. The thing is I know there is more beyond that weight, I've been shown it, I feel it.


This morning instead of judging my actions I saw them a different way - nurturing. I slept in, later than I have in a long time. I saw my sinus congestion as a message in the physical - the energetic block I was allowing with my openness to the All That Is and also as my internal fear arising. That fear of how the hell is it all going to work, thus keeping myself small the sinuses symbolize blocking the flow.

So I chose not to medicate but to see it for what it is and breathe with it, through it.

As I walked my dog I enjoyed each song, each piece Mother gave me. Connecting and appreciating that she is always there giving with no judgments, no limitations and accepting me as I Am.

I than debated...extra shot in the coffee this morning (don't judge)? But I listened and didn't order that, however I ended up receiving a larger coffee for free. A beautiful gift and reminder that I am truly connected to The All That Is, to Creator, to The Mother.

I'm sharing this in hopes that it may help you, perhaps to see what is in front of you differently or to allow yourself to show up in each moment fully.

I love you!!

Namaste beautiful one