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Deeper Understanding

When I was younger, about 9 or 10, I used to have tremendous pains in my lower chakras - solar plexus and sacral areas. I didn't understand it than however as I lifted the layers and got to know me, my essence, I found those pains were when I shoved emotions, thoughts, words I didn't say or didn't know how to express. I numbed my voice, my feelings, my value, by hiding it. Today that pain arose more powerful than ever before. This time, I chose to meet it where it was, where I was. I chose to acknowledge, thank, not judge or put a story behind it. I chose to love me, pain and all.

Spirit guided me, spoke of so much feeling pushed down for so long like a spinning galaxy ready to explode but instead it is creating a shooting star. They showed me the skies above - swirling stars and planets - and despite it sounding treacherous it looked beautiful like the forming of something new. As my pain started to dissipate I was shown a shooting star, a bright light coming from that spinning vortex. While this occurred I continued my breath, the beautiful cleansing tool I was taught in yoga. Thus I witnessed what arose, found gratitude in all it had brought me and I allowed it to be released.

As I placed my energetic hands on my solar and sacral chakras, breathing, clips of past experiences shot out to be released. As if showing me a visual snapshot of what my body was feeling and giving back to the light.

Self work is very powerful. It allows us to truly know who and what we are in this experience, this journey. It is not easy at times but if we allow ourselves to continually move through what is to be let go of, we find ourselves in a new vibration, a new perspective, a new experience with deeper understanding and clarity of the opening of All That We Are. For we are never disconnected only layered perhaps with emotion that prevents us from fully being The Oneness, the abundance of All That Is.

As I continued to feel the dissipating of the pain getting weaker and weaker I know and understand it is my choice to allow it to be released and in doing so I shift and change.

The old me would have immediately tried to eliminate any discomfort with Tylenol, food or whatever. Not addressing the reason but merely numbing the symptom to dissipate and ignore what my body was telling me.

Yes, I have been here before, done this "work" in this area many many times however as I open myself up more I am able to allow deeper cleansing of what does not serve me. Thus, this time I was in a new moment to face what was being shown. I was in a space of facing the fear, facing the what's going on, see it for what it is, what it's bringing me, what it's showing me, the awareness, the understanding was at a new level. When we can get to that point it's easier to love, to forgive, to find gratitude and to let go.

Are you ready to be shown a deeper understanding so you may let go of what holds you back, of what prevents you from the true openness to your essence, to the All That you are?

Namaste Beautiful One