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The water's movement reminds us of constant changes, constant motion for stillness is a facade. Even if you sit still, your body continues to breathe, the blood continues to flow, move, the organs pump, the eyes blink. Thus stillness doesn't actually occur, however allowing the physical body to meditate, open to Oneness, allows answers, clarity, understanding.

Telling a child to sit still is setting him up for failure. The soul doesn't want to sit still, it wants to experience even with breath, thought. Thus the water reminds us of that, so does the clouds, the sun, the moon and stars. They all continue to shift, change, reminding one of growth and flowing if one chooses.

When one is stuck in a rut, one is not allowing shifts or changes even in thought. The patterns, emotions are being controlled. Fear perhaps of what if one lets go or if one is uncomfortable or maybe of truly gaining ones desires. It takes great strength of will to allow changes for some are not easy. Fear prevails. However, when one is ready they will step small or large it does not matter. They will allow understanding and clarity and they will choose to release or not to release.

That is the glory of this experience. What will you choose? Some have open experiences, see what choice takes them where, others have missions we should say. But it is all experience and when one can laugh, enjoy, get excited, the experience level shifts.

If you are reading this, you are choosing to step into your mission dear one. You feel it. It is inevitable. Now release how it looks, how it shows up. Release the controlled safety patterns for you are safe in this moment, are you not? Open to the unknown with glee.