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There was a time I despised my picture taken. Looking back at photos when I was a child I remember not wanting my picture taken. I don’t know why. As I grew up my dislike for my appearance no matter how petty it may have seemed to someone else, ruled me. Diets, exercises, bulimia, pills, whatever were all controlled by how I saw myself. And you know what? No matter what results I had it was never good enough, I was never truly happy. Why? Because how I saw my outside was really what was going on inside - not feeling accepted, not liking myself, not valuing myself, not being good enough or pretty enough.

Over time as I dove deep and found myself, the all of me that I truly love, pictures have gotten easier. But I went through a process and friends would laugh at how many pictures I would have to take because something didn’t look good enough for me.

So when I post a picture of myself or do a video know how much has gone on within me to stand up and do that. I’m not looking for acceptance like I had in my past, I’m not looking for you to tell me how pretty I am or am not, because it’s about me. How I feel about me, my acceptance and really the outside me is only the surface, for I am deep. And I love that about me.

I share this because I know I’m not alone. Women are taught to meet standards or fear not being loved or accepted, we are taught to be like everyone else. Well I say fuck that. I say be you! The most important person who should accept and love you is you and when you do that the outside world mirrors that.

So here’s my selfie today.... where’s yours?

I love you! Namaste beautiful one 🙏🏻❤️