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It's all perspective

Today my upstairs neighbors moved out. You may say, so what?


Well shortly after we moved in we realized we lived beneath a family of four with two young active boys. Which for us meant lots of running, sometimes toys being played with at 2am or early early morning risings however I never saw any of this as a hinderance. Plus I have a dog that barks and I have two kids that were little once, I get it.

Each time I heard them I thanked them, I thanked Creator, for reminding me to have fun, to allow my energy to expand and really they have been a reminder that, yes, I have my own place.

The dad came and visited me today to apologize. Now we never have complained but apparently he was very conscious of the sound and mentioned he had tried to tame it down. I spoke my gratitude to him but I think the exchange was more for him to apologize and take that weight off his shoulders.

There was a time in my life when I would have allowed the noise to irritate me or rule whatever I was doing. However, now, I see everything as Creator speaking to me and yes it does help that I really feel a deep sense of peace within me. And this housing situation shifting tells me my internal foundation is also shifting to one of more peace, more solid, more accepting perhaps.

Who knows, maybe another family will move in but I'm okay with it. I believe Spirit shows us, brings us what we need and if we stay present we can receive and understand it.

I share this with you perhaps so you may see a situation differently that's happening in your life. It's there for a reason and probably not just to irritate you. I love you! Namaste beautiful one! 🙏