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What do I do when I have challenges? 
Just because I walk with Spirit, doesn't mean I don't have stuff happen to me, just like you do.  Maybe how I deal with them is differently, though.
I'm very aware that when I feel unpleasant emotions like fear, judgment and insecurity I know something is up with me.  This really is how my soul shouts - hey you, something is going on, take notice. 
I first acknowledge my feelings and ask my Guides for help.  Of course when we feel these emotions, we usually know what's causing it.  Or really what's triggering this inside of us.  Usually the emotions are triggered by an outside source.  Like I feel insecure with my boyfriend.  But is that valid?  Why am I insecure?  What's going on with me that I feel this way and how do I help myself out of this state?  I'm not saying it's your fault.  I am saying people and things create a reaction in us to help us grow.
When we linger in the emotions of fear etc. it affects all parts of our life.  I may be feeling that insecurity and for no reason yell at my child.  It's a ripple affect that if one part of us is suffering it leaks to other parts.
Yes, I ask my Guides for help and listen for their guidance.  I also may seek out spiritual guidance from a teacher because at times even though I hear my Guides, I need the help of having someone else tell me differently so I "get it."  
I think the main thing is the first step - acknowledgement.  When you start there, your vision changes.  You are open to seeing the bigger picture and getting answers.  And you are telling The Universe you're ready to help you.
In love and gratitude always!