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At times facing our fears is very difficult especially when we've been hurt multiple times or we've had the same encounter multiple times that have amplified them.  It's very hard then to look our fears in the face and take that step of faith I should say to overcoming them.  That means dealing with crap, that means dealing with anger or hurt or pain.  However, once you do, you feel the emotions, and you release them you then allow them to, those energies to escape from you in a sense, leave you.  It opens you up to bigger brighter happier things.
I have looked fear in the face with multiple areas and it's flipping hard.  Trust me I know it's hard and sometimes you feel like you are very much alone going through it but you are never alone.  There is hope and it is worth it.   YOU ARE WORTH IT!  
Facing that fear, going deep inside, working through that fear and taking a step forward is worth it.  Why?  There are many accolades, so many better things on the other side of fear.  It's a whole new world on the other side of fear and maybe just holding onto that knowing that life can get better, knowing that you can move past your fear maybe that will help you. 
But you have to want to change, you have to want to do it because it's not going to work if you're not willing to move past the fear.  People can tell you "oh get through it, get over it" -  that's easy for them to say, they're not feeling it, they're not living it. 
How do we normally deal with it?  We push it down, we push it down deep and sometimes it comes back up, sometimes it just stays deep down causing physical issues. But it's a trickling affect.  Having fear of one thing creates choices in your subconscious so you avoid having to deal with that fear or being put in that place again.  It's like a stacking block.  You stack choices onto that fear that hide it, that bury it, that keep it buried.  When you start saying yes I'm going to deal with this let me understand and learn how this effects me, how this is with me and go deep and understand you, it gets easier. 
Trust Spirit to help you through it.  Ask Spirit to help you through it.  There are mentors and teachers that can help you through it.  No one can pull you through it, no one can take you through it, they can only help guide you. 
You're the one taking the step.  
So will you take the step today?  It's hard but you got this, you can do it!  I've done it, you can do it.  If you need help let me know. 
You got this!  Thank you.