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Jerry and I
As I reflect on the passing of my step dad almost one year ago, I look back on the brief time we were in each others lives and the lessons that I learned.   Sometimes we look back with rose colored glasses but today I'm looking back with observance, like a school child seeing what there is to learn.  Or really what the relationship was all about. 
You can look at any relationship in your life for that matter, they are all there for a reason.  Your boss, child, friend, neighbor, sibling, parent, you get the picture.  Anyway, these relationships are all for a reason.  We are either the student or the teacher or both.
My step dad and I didn't always agree and it wasn't until we both got older that we appreciated each other more.  Even though we had our differences, he opened me up to new experiences.  I learned to snow ski, water ski, motorcycle ride, how to drive a stick and camp, plus many other things.  He helped me see more of the world while we traveled in a camper.  He helped teach me about giving with attached control and giving with love.  Yes, there is a huge difference in those.   Mostly, he taught me how to enjoy life, to be happy.  
As I watched his body prepare to allow his soul to depart, I honored the process as much as I could.  When I saw his soul through his eyes on the night his body died, I saw joy, I saw satisfaction that this life time was complete and I saw the joy of going home.  The room filled with Spirit, all gathering around to welcome him home. 
I honor the soul I called my step dad in this life.  I am grateful for our path we walked together. 
I know as humans we miss the body, the whole person that is no longer visual to us.  But if we sit quietly, clear our minds and think of that person, invite them in, we can feel or smell or hear or just know they are around us.  They always are.  We only need to see the signs and live each moment.