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Love - A channeled Message

Dear Ones,
We would iike to address the love of self, the true meaning.  The love so deep that no matter your past choices you do not critize or judge, you only accept, understand and love anyway. 
When one is growing up, one has many expections, you are taught them.  Thus when that expection is not met, a part of you is angry or sad.  If this emotion is not addressed then it will come out in other ways so the need is met. 
This channel had a vision of how a parent should be, but when one expects, one does not take into account the choices of others involved.  They too have choices, lessons to learn.  Despite this channel wanting a parent who loved her dearly and showed that with affection, with connecting, talking, saying I love you with meaning, she did not take into account the lesson of the parent.  Perhaps that parent had to learn how to parent or what it was like to be absent.  How does the channel move past this hurt?  She finds that hurt, angry child and she loves it.  If you see, the love in this channels mind was missing.  Although it really wasn't, it was only being shown in another way but this channel did not see it because she limited her view to her expectation.  Do you understand this?
In order to fully love herself, this channel had to heal this little girl.  If this part isn't healed it comes up in other ways so it can be heard and addressed.  If you see that the little girl thought she should be accepted, taken care of and wasn't then she will come up in this channels life in unhealthy ways.  Act a certain way for example that others now should take care of her.  In fact, the disappointment she carried from a child is directed onto others.  This child in her is still looking for that love the way she believed it to be.  In going back, feeling the emotion, listening to this part of her and giving her the love she needs, she in turn heals. 
The power of love is tremendous.  The power of love for oneself is life changing.  It inevitably affects everything in ones life.  When one heals and loves oneself completely, the vibration one puts off changes, its receiving as opposed to pushing away. 
You may not be able to see what part of you needs healing, needs love because with a more mature mind one can understand and make sense as to why one acted the way one did.  But the little child doesn't get that.  They only want the love, that unconditional love that really only one can give oneself.  Once you feel that love, you'll feel it more easily from Spirit, Source.
One is conditioned immensely in the life on earth.  If what you have learned feels right then great for you, if it doesn't, we ask you to look within with what does not feel "right."  We ask you to take the step to heal yourself so you may fully love, feel that unconditional love immerse you inside and out and then watch how life opens up to you.
When you love yourself, you are opt to be more compassionate toward yourself and others, your choices come from a more loving place as opposed to an angry, sad or "I'm owed" state of mind.   Your energy opens up to receiving. 
Life isn't about walking around with only feeling love.  Yes there are still other emotions to feel - these help us learn and grow.  The key is to address what you feel, acknowledge, accept and make a choice.  Don't hold onto the hurt, the anger, the sadness.  Work through them. 
In Love and Gratitude,
Susan and the Guides