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I mention, often, how we need to love ourselves first.  However, I know at times, finding self love or realizing we deserve it is not easy. 
l walked around for a long time searching for it outside of me.  When I thought I had found it, it was only a temporary fix.  Then my unhappiness would set in and I'd search again.  Basically, I set myself up for failure each time.  How can I let someone love me in a healthy way if I didn't love all of me first?  
It wasn't until I started working on me that I found all that I was searching for.  Yes, inside, which has led me in finding a healthy love relationship with another. 
So start somewhere in you.  Find one place you love about you and allow the love of self to flow from there.
Remember there is nothing wrong with you! 
You got this!  I'm here for you!
Be love!