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You know, I laugh a lot.  I mean A LOT!  I was just remembering how at one time someone told me to change my laugh.  Now my laugh, then and now isn't a bad one - I believe it would be considered "normal."   There are no hyena noises or snorting business happening. 
First of all, don't judge.  Instead ask, why would someone tell someone to change anything?  At the time I was devastated that I was doing something that wasn't "acceptable."  However, that tells you how limited my thinking was back then and how I chose to have one person decide if I was "acceptable" or not.  Now, however, I believe it had nothing to do with me at all.  There was something about that person that needed to be changed or addressed and they chose to ignore it and instead direct their unhappiness toward me. 
Today I embrace my laugh and I'm glad I laugh a great deal.  It feels good!  Why do I laugh a lot?  There are many many reasons some are feeling inner peace, the connection with Spirit, connecting with beautiful souls, life, to name only a few. 
But, what about you?  Do you make comments to belittle someone?  Tell someone they need to change?  Direct your anger and frustrations out on another?  I dare you to look within and find where you are unhappy.  To figure out why you direct these things towards others.  It's not the other people that are creating your unhappiness.  It's a signal, a message that you aren't happy and it probably has nothing to do with the other person. 
You, dear soul, have to find happiness from the inside out.  Until you do, people, things, work, whatever will stir something in you to let you know something is off kilter.
Always remember, the Guides and I are here to help.
In love and gratitude - ALWAYS!