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Channeled Message Just for YOU!

Dear Ones,
As we present this message we also send each of you love and light to help you, to nurture you, to strengthen you.
As messengers from The Divine, we wish to help you along your way.  Provide clarity, wisdom, insight and love.
We understand your path, at times, has it's challenges.  We ask that as you go through them, to remember that these help you grow.  Yes, they are at times difficult, painful, fearful, however do you see what you have already overcome?  Do you see how much you have already moved past and beyond?
When one sees their challenge as a lesson, from a step or two back, from a place of growth, understanding and love, it creates what you see as something you can't move past to something that you can.  When you are so in the face, we should say, of your problem, that is all you see.  How can you see more?  How can you see the step that moves you past it when all that is, is in your face, engulfing you with every emotion, every thought? 
We ask that you try to step away from what holds you back.  Step away from the fear, the doubt, the anger so you may see what troubles you from a bigger view.  Try to separate from the emotion. 
How do you do that?  Ask your Spiritual influence for help and then do something that will ease your mind, something you enjoy.  Then as you do, your thoughts, emotions and judgments can and will ease, subside, even for a brief minute.  However, in that brief minute your soul, your Spiritual influence can seep in thoughts to you that will help bring clarity.
We wish that you can always see yourself as we see you, the loving, beautiful soul that you are.  That it doesn't matter what others say, or their judgments, their control.  Stand in your power, in your beauty, in your strength and confidence.  Own who you are!  The amazing, gifted soul!! 
In love and gratitude,
The Guides