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Together - My thoughts and my Guides Response

When we face dilemma it's very easy to get wrapped up, sucked into the lack, the why me, the anger, the lack of faith.  I know these feelings all too well.  So how do we enable ourselves to step back in order for us to see the bigger picture?  How do we allow ourselves to let other options, solutions to come in?
Acknowledging your feelings, allowing the anger, the fear, to leave your body.  Sometimes I write, sometimes I talk to my Guides, but I release control so I can feel the emotions and let them flow through me.  It doesn't do any good trying to be tough, shoving how we feel down inside.  How are you dealing with anything if you do that?  And if we keep pushing our emotions down sometimes that makes us sick.
Thus today I take the step to be vulnerable, to release control to The Divine, to trust that what I need will come.  I also allow the emotions to be removed and I look to something, anything that will bring that happy vibe back - talking to a friend, singing, writing, dancing, running.  Something that will steer my thoughts away from dwelling on what I'm releasing.  In turn, I open myself up to being taken care of. 
Dearest One,
As we sit with you, your energetic being, we hold you dear to our hearts.  Susan is questioning that.  She is correct we do not literally have hearts, for we are high vibrational energies.  The descriptions we choose are to enable you to understand in more simple terms of the connection.
We would now like to respond to the thoughts on releasing, working through the "problems" you refer to.  
We understand it is difficult at times to not get caught up so to speak in the lack.  We understand you have expectations, dreams, and at times they feel so far away, so distant like there is no hope
Alas, there is hope, that is the key to allowing, for being open for change. 
We see that you create repetitive motions, you repeat how you deal with your "issues" the same way.  Do you see how your solutions are temporary or may not work at all?   One must deal with the underlying emotion or emotions otherwise you will be faced again and again with the same lesson. 
You do not necessarily need to know how your pattern of believing you are unworthy or undeserving or controlling or fearful or lack of self love started.  If you can step back and see your choices and how these emotions control you in your behavior, in your relationships, you then bring them to the front of the line we should say.  They no longer are hidden and so you recognize them for what they are - controlling emotions that do not serve your highest and best good.  Thank them for bringing you to where you are and release them
Do you see how when you bring something to the front, to your awareness that it loses power?  At times, this is not easy.  However, you have the strength, the love, the power to overcome and move past. 
We are always with you.  Ask your Guides, God, your higher power to help you.  They are waiting to be asked.  All you have to say is help me get through this.  Help me find the solution.  Release your control and allow.
In love and light always,
Angels of the Light