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This year has been deeply in learning and growing from within.  It has been challenging and rewarding.  Scary and exciting.  Through it all, I pushed on.  Why?  Because I have this desire, my soul, my gut, driving me.  I can feel that there is more.  
Do you feel it within yourself?  The need to do more or be more then you are? 
I was so busy with the routine, mundane, unhappy life that I didn't listen.  Thus, this feeling gnawed at me until I was pushed to move.  Pushed to make a new choice, one that was better for me.  It wasn't a selfish choice at all because looking back everyone that was affected by my choice grew and become happier.  So don't be afraid to make a new and different choice because of how it will effect someone else.  That is the worst thing to do.  I know because that was my excuse for a long time.  I've lived both choices and can tell you that the ones you think would suffer or not understand, well they actually don't suffer and they do understand.  Don't make someone else your scapegoat for not changing your unhappiness.  Life shouldn't be unhappy or settling. 
You deserve your hearts desires, don't you think?   You are worth and deserving of them!
There is a plan, a purpose for me, like there is for you.  Are you seeking it or are you too comfortable in your everyday life? 
I am truly thankful for this path.  I'm on my next chapter now.  One that is more in tune with why I'm walking this earth.  My purpose.   What are you doing?
In love and gratitude always!