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Any Day Is A New Day to Start
The holidays have come and gone and it's a new year.  Yes, I know, thank you Ms. Obvious. 
I can't but help be optimistic.  A new year, a new outlook, renewed hope.  But it shouldn't take turning the page to another 365 days to do this.  Should it?  As a year unfolds, shouldn't we try to keep that optimism, that ray of hope all year long? 
I admit, I can get pretty low.  Allowing the doubts, fears, what if's to affect me.  That's when I have to dig deep.  Seek help, healing, guidance or more quiet time.  Quiet time, meditation, something to gain my perspective in check.  To hear my Guides.  To allow myself to step away from my mind and connect with my heart, my creator, the earth.  You know, alone time. 
This balances me.  It lifts me up so I can see the bigger picture and not focus on one minute part.  It helps get me clear. 
Recognizing or realizing I'm off kilter wasn't something I knew right away.  I had to understand and get to know me first.  Then seeing what my mind was doing to me or being able to recognize how someone or something was affecting me got easier. 
So don't beat yourself up if you don't understand or see the bigger picture or that you can't pull yourself out of the depression or whatever state you're in.  That's why there are teachers.  I have had many and still seek them.  One just needs to be ready to work, to get out of your comfort zone, be open and release expectations.   Because, really, you can't move from where you are if you're doing the same thing you've always done.
Invest in yourself!  Seek guidance, a teacher.  You are worth it!  You deserve to be happy and live the life you desire.