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Feeling Stuck?
Have you ever felt stuck?  Stuck at a job or in an exercise program or in a relationship, basically in life?
I have.  Roll back four years.  There I was in a dysfunctional marriage and a job I disliked, thinking, is this it?  What happened to love, laughter, doing the marriage thing and life being easy?  My life hasn't been easy but that's another blog post and really I wouldn't change anything. 
Anyway, I had gotten caught up in how I was taught, how life was supposed to go story - college, career, marriage, family and I was settling, losing myself in the meantime.  
Feeling stuck is about choices, isn't it?  We can chose to make the same decisions or we can slowly start to make new ones.  You are in charge.  Really.  In any kind of relationship, you can't control the other person, only yourself.  So if it's not serving your best interest, if you aren't happy, then make a different choice. 
I found that I needed help, help from my Creator, The Universe.  At the time I wasn't strong enough to walk away even from dysfunction.  So I asked Spirit to please help me.  I believed so deeply that there was more to life, to my path.  I'm not going to lie, it was hard.  The non trusting questions arose - where will I live, how will I support myself and my kids, etc.?  I had no idea how anything would manifest, but it did.  With doubt and non trust I stepped forward and followed the path that was shown to me.  Of course, hindsight is 20/20.  Spirit knew the plan.
It hasn't been easy,  But I wouldn't change anything, like I said.  The new direction I was given, gave me the opportunity to discover me.  Understand my spiritual abilities.  Things I wouldn't have done in that marriage.  Why?  Because at that time I wasn't giving to myself.  Spirit gave me this opportunity to find me again, which I had lost long before that marriage. 
I implore you, if you feel stuck, to make a different choice.   That could even mean seeing a person or a situation with new eyes. 
Anything is possible.  Trust me, I know. 
Spirit and I are here to help you.  I invite you to email me with questions or to book a session -
I wish you many blessings, love and gratitude, always.