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When I read the quote above by Maya Angelou, it struck something inside of me.  A realization perhaps of how difficult it can be to truly accept who I am, what I look like, how I think, how I act without anyone telling me how.  
I was flooded with memories of yo-yo dieting, bulimia, the clothes I wore, how I presented myself, the choices I made, oh and let's not even talk about my hairstyles.  All to be accepted in a society that I believed was telling me I was too fat, too loud, didn't act correctly or didn't wear the right clothes.  Fast forward to today, where the acceptance of myself has been more directed to my spiritual path and abilities.
I am different and really so are you.  I have come to understand that we are all beautiful, unique souls walking our paths, learning and growing along the way.  I can't help but look at people and see the beauty within. 
In the process of self acceptance, self love, for me, I had to understand what unconditional love was and The Divine has been my best teacher.  There are no judgments from my Creator, only unconditional love.   
Once I understood what unconditional love was and what it truly means to love myself, to accept me, it was easier to not allow others to define my views.  Sure, everyone has their own opinions and some people will freely tell you theirs especially if it has to do with you.  But I don't have to accept that.  Being more aware of my thoughts and how I feel has helped me stand in who I am and to acknowledge that's their opinion, it doesn't have to be mine.
Breaking old patterns and thoughts hasn't been easy, but if I can do it, so can you!  It takes understanding, making different choices, even acknowledging if a negative thought about myself creeps in, I let it go.  I don't hold onto that energy, thus I don't dwell on it or analyze or judge. 
Most importantly, I want to remind you, that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!!! 
You are not your choices you've made.  Those have helped form who you are.  You are not what society tells you to be, you are you.  A perfect, amazing, unbelievable soul of love that is here to share your soul beauty with the world.  Believe that!!
Many blessings and much love to you always!!