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Bear Journey

As I started my journey and asking questions of what else is there? Who am I? I initially was guided to work with a Shamanic teacher. This guidance opened the door to my connection with Spirit, how they communicate with me and how I trust. Today I channel very easily for I have grown to trust what comes through me and how.
However when I started I did journeys. These were a different type of guidance , a meditation in a sense, that I still do today when I'm guided to. They are a beautiful way to hear our spirit guides. The following is a journey I did at the beginning of my own journey. It speaks volumes to my path and really why I'm here. My intention is that you find guidance in it as much as I do still to this day. 🙏🏻❤

"After I ran, I sat on the beach and went to my garden and met bear- one of my spirit guides. She walked with me down a path and we sat in a cave. A dark cave. She said to just be. I said I can't see anything and she said I don't have to see anything. Just feel. We sat there, me with my hand on her for reassurance. As I sat there I didn't feel afraid. The darkness actually felt inviting, felt comforting. There was a light within the darkness, if that makes sense. I felt love. I asked bear why I was so afraid and bear said - you aren't afraid anymore."

You may interpret my journey anyway that you feel. Mine may not be the same as yours but trust what you get. It is your message too. Much love and many blessings always!