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Channeled Text About Money Blocks

I asked my Guides this question a while ago and this is their response. The wisdom is not just for me. This is their channeled text:

We have mentioned before about your worth. The deserving of this energy is inherent for all. You are not an acceptation. We ask you to sit with this energy of money - what initially does it feel like? Accept that feeling and release it for at first what will come is what has been programed into you. Keep going through the feelings until you come to love - the Universal language. Love is the energy of everything, do you see? Do not isolate love to things such as mother, father - see all as one because that is what it is, the energy is not separate. So do not attach a name to what you feel the love for. Do you see? Feel this love and allow it to penetrate your being. For this will release the unworthiness that is held so tightly to you. You have taken steps to detach other's beliefs and feelings - this is good. Acknowledge this in you. For at times you do not, we say, congratulate yourself, you quickly move onto the next thing. Sit in the joy, sit in the happiness of your accomplishments. Then move forward allowing, holding onto the joy of discovery, the joy of growth.

Spirit gave me an image of a person showing dollar signs around that person with your worth and your deserving entering into the body and other people's beliefs leaving.

You make this lesson more difficult then it needs to be because of holding onto other soul's beliefs. Once you "let go" of those and own your own belief, your own worth, movement will occur more rapidly. Allow us to help you, allow other souls who understand to help you. Try what you have heard, try what we suggest. One will resonate more, none is wrong. The intention sets the stage.