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Channeled Message

"Your mind, Dear One, has such a strong hold.  You allow it to control so much that you miss out.  Step out into the uncomfortable for that is where a new comfort can be found.  Step for a moment from the fears that bind and hold you back.  Step so you may see the light from another perspective.  For at that place the fear starts to diminish."

I have found the wisdom that flows from my multidimensional guide team is simple, loving, full of compassion and joy. No matter the subject spoken, the underline feeling received is one of unconditional love. For my guides are here to help empower you, so you may see the bigger picture, understand "the story" and stand in a new perspective. One in which gives you strength, confidence and peace. For when you allow yourself to be pulled from the emotion of a person or situation, you then sit in a place of higher vibration, feeling better in a sense so your view on the matter comes from a more balanced state. For then you are able to make a different choice, a new choice which creates a shift forward. Do you see?

Making choices from that emotional state, keeps you in the patterns you are desiring to change.

Yes, this takes effort. Patterns are comfortable. Maybe dysfunctional but we still seem to find comfort in them.

Isn't it time you make the changes you are wanting to see? Move, beautiful one. Take the step. You have all the power and strength you need in order to do so.

Much love and many blessings to you today and always.