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Synchronicity, Religion and Fear

Today my daughter has chosen to get baptized. I'm proud of her in exploring and stepping into who she is and what she believes. I can help guide but inevitably I have always allowed my kids to explore and choose what they believe or don't believe and given them opportunities to do so.

I look back on my path and see how I was raised with societal religion. There was always an underlying belief in God but I didn't know what that meant except to me it meant be thankful at meals and pray when I wanted something. I remember going to a baptist church with my grandparents and not understanding only knowing that when we were done we'd go out to eat. And how they gave me a bible, sectioned off with incentives of money if I read certain books. Which didn't excite me at all and actually repelled me. Then being put into a catholic school (despite not being catholic) when we lived in England. I think my parents wanted me to experience this but it confused me even more. Nothing was truly explained and I didn't know what to ask.

As I grew up I always knew there was something more, feeling that connection with something bigger, but not grasping it fully. With my second husband we'd go to church but that soured me for it seemed fake. My husband at the time didn't help that for he didn't understand how to not lie and here he was teaching in the youth program.

When The Divine pushed me out of that marriage and into finding me, it's interesting how my path inevitably was connecting to the Source of all. Understanding the channeling and hearing, seeing, feeling Spirit are all my tools to connect to the All That Is. I do not resonate with the term God because it seems limiting to me. But I reference the term when I speak or write for it may resonate with you.

Today I stand in the oneness that is, the love and light that we all are, the expansiveness. I'm here to share the knowledge, guidance and wisdom that flows through me.

I see how we limit ourselves and my intention is for us all to see who and what we really are - one in love and creation.

I feel deeply and that helps ignite my passion for this service. For I wish you to feel, know, understand how powerful you truly are.

I look at my daughter and am in awe of her questions, her curiosity for herself, talking to friends with different beliefs and trying to understand how that fits into what resonates with her. She has also had to contend with me and what I do, why I do, and see where that fits with her.

I'm proud of her today, she is so much more then I am and she is one of my greatest teachers.

This is my story, in understanding why I am, what's yours? ❤🙏🏻