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The Oak

A Channelled Message

When I started my journey into myself, I worked with a Shaman. In those teachings, I learned how to utilize my creativity, understand journeying and communication with Spirit, animals, plants and trees. Thus it was no surprise when I recently received a Star Blessing and part of my homework was to speak with an Oak Tree.

Let's back up a bit......during this Blessing I was guided on a journey and received counsel from Spirit. I was an oak tree - I became an oak tree first with my legs routed into the earth. Then intertwining my torso and arms with the tree. I was the tree - wise. Spirit said, "I need to sit under an oak tree and listen to the wisdom, although it is a tree, the guidance I can utilize on my path." Spirit went on, "the tree stands in it's worth and value and knows what it brings, what relies on it. It may seep with wisdom but it is still youthful with eggs in nests, squirrels playing, running, children climbing."

I became a tree in this experience so I may feel and truly understand the value it brings. Thus I, like you, need to find this within ourselves as well.  

I was guided to the tree, well actually there were two, however only one spoke to me. As I sat down. I was open to hearing the guidance and feeling the energy.

"We share much knowledge and wisdom with you. Your path is lighting brighter and we ask for you to stay grounded in all that you are. As you can see, we, I, have endured the pain, the remnants of the world, but it does not make me any less of a tree. I may look distorted but I still produce, I still house and I still feed. My image is distorted, not true to what I offer, do you see? This is also true to you. You must show what you are, do not deceive, be authentic. Be true to yourself and that will show in your outward authenticity, do you see?"

"The tree bares heavy burdens, we say, or not really burdens but responsibilities. Thus you do the same, find balance in them, this is vital. I would not prosper if I gave more to one then another, do you see?

Yes, we have much energy and we allow it to flow. We give it just as much, as it nourishes ourselves, do you see?"

"We thank you for sharing your energy with us. For giving us attention, for we sit and watch and at times one looks but we still are. No matter the attention, we still stand in what we are."

This message can have layers of depth or nothing at all for you. I implore you to sit with this guidance and see if it resonates at all. Or maybe, clear your mind and go sit by a plant or tree or wherever you're guided and listen. Just be and see what words, messages, feelings come up for you.