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Thoughts About Moments

Who are you today? Who are you in this moment? You're different from yesterday and tomorrow. We can chose to change, alter, expand ourselves, our knowing, our beliefs. Or we can stay stagnant in all of these things. But is your view right? Are you in the perfect moment, the perfect thought, the perfect belief?

Why would you stay pinned to one place, one belief? What stops you from exploring other beliefs, other places, other choices? Maybe in exploration you find you are drawn back, but maybe it's different now and at least you've expanded yourself to know more, understand more, be more.

Fear, doubt, lack of trust, keep us pinned, keeps us stagnant, keeps us covered but what if we chose to trust a little more in our Creator, The Universe, if we allow just minutely to release the control we believe we have and see what happens? Fear has been bestowed in me from an early age - fear of failure, fear of not having enough, however who defines what enough is or what failure is? These are for me and you to define for ourselves. No one else should or can do it for us.

So what do you chose today, in this moment?

I see triumph in you - look how much you've waded, jumped and moved through. You are here now, in this moment and that is what is important. Yes, things happened, people have done things, said things, but you're here now, in this moment. Grasp that! Be in this moment. For you are not the past, nor the future. You are now!