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Today I understand more, I stand more in my worth. I spoke a letter to an ex. Usually I would write and then burn the paper, but today I was guided to speak and I must say hearing my words was very powerful and moving. When I was done release flowed from my eyes. When I sent him love and light and forgave him and myself I could feel that in my heart. I release any thoughts of "I did this so now I'll get what I want," I give those back to Mother Earth. I fully release the situation, the feelings, the emotions, the thoughts. This is my past, I no longer dwell here in any form. I truly feel this, it's awesome!

As I asked Spirit to help me release, the tears stopped and I felt them lift the pain, the anger, and I felt the comfort of the divine. As I sit here writing, I am more in tune that this has everything to do with me and not really anything to do with him.

I have learned a great deal about myself from this, I forgive myself and I am proud of myself! I accept the choices I've made, I learn from them and no longer dwell in them.

Thank you for this!