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As I started my walk to understanding who I am, what I thought I wanted, I had to dive deep. Uncover patterns, emotions, thoughts that didn't serve me and work through understanding and then releasing them. For if I held onto them, how could I step forward into new things, new thoughts, new choices? The process isn't easy and I'm still evolving each day. However, today I stand more fully in who I am, in my connection with my Creator and I am able to help others do what I have done.

We each walk a unique path. Sometimes it's alone, sometimes it's with someone else - a teacher, a student, a friend, a lover. I've had many teachers and I understand the importance of guidance, an ear to listen, a non-judgmental perspective, open and honest love, a healing hand, and even the power of a hug.

I believe we learn so we can then teach. Why hold onto wisdom that helped you that may also help another? If you believe we are all walking in oneness and we are all at different points in that oneness, don't you think we should help each other?

I'd love to help you uncover, release and step forward on your journey.

I wish you much love and many blessings today and everyday!