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Change, Trust and Truth

Have you ever worked out, ran, exercised and listened to the same song over and over and over again, just because somehow you relate to it or it relates to you? Yesterday I did - Trees by Twenty One Pilots. It's a song about searching for the truth. I interpret it as trying to find the connection with The Divine. Now I don't refer to the term God, because, to me, the loving energy is not a single external being, it's an expansive energy, it's everything, it's in everything.

Anyway, that's where my head was yesterday, surrendering to what I can't see but what I know is within.  That thing I know I am a piece of, that is me, the Spirit within.  I know if you're struggling, if you can't see out of a situation you're in or a relationship or financial situation, whatever it is, I'm here to remind you that nothing stays the same.  Everything changes.  Look at the plants, the seasons, the planets, the sun and moon - nothing is permanent, it all changes.  Even from each moment your body changes, the cells change.  I want to remind you that if you feel you're at a dead end, it's not a dead end.  Sometimes we can't see further then our emotions that are encompassing us, however if we allow ourselves to trust in The Divine, to trust in something bigger then us that we are a part of, to remember that everything changes and nothing stays the same, that may give you hope for another moment, for another day.  

Our emotions keep us trapped so often.  We create our own suffering sometimes or we allow someone to create our suffering.  But we are our own choices and if we go back to remembering The Divine is pure love, it's never torturing, it's never consequential, it's just pure love and it wants us to be happy and feel that love because that's what we are.  We need to trust that.  

Sometimes trusting is hard perhaps because maybe that trust has been broken time and time again.  I'm learning though that the trust starts from within - trusting my gut feeling, my intuition whether or not it gets validated by someone.  And really how can it be validated from another person who perhaps is going through their own "stuff," their own issues, their own lessons to learn.  So understanding is important as well.  You don't have to agree with their actions only use the understanding to stand more in your own feelings, your own heart, in what is your truth.    You have to hold what you know, what you feel in your heart to be the truth and not allow the outside world, the lack of validation for your emotions  to belittle your feelings.  

If we believe in ourselves enough to remember that we are all part of this Divine unconditional love that resonates within us, we then don't need validation from the outside.

These words I place for your to read are my intention that they help guide you in your own understanding of you. I always try to be that spark of light, of happiness because we often get so caught up in our own "stuff" that we make ourselves miserable or we put on a happy face but underneath is pain, anger, worry or fear. That's why I am grateful for the people that smile at me or unconsciously give me a hug or say something nice because those are like rays of light into my cloudiness, into the emotions that I may have buried on top of myself. So I thank those people and I hope you see now the little gestures that you receive from others - maybe you find a penny or the cashier is nice to you or someone randomly smiles at you - see these small gestures as little rays of light into your cloudiness. For if you allow them to touch your heart they will help give you hope. To remember change is constant and then perhaps you may see from a different perspective or make a different choice that is in your truth.

I wish you much love and many many blessings today and every day!