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This is my story. One of self uncovering, one of self discovery, one of self healing.

With each question I asked - where's the job, how am I going to pay my bills, what about this relationship, what's my purpose? Each one, if I allowed, no matter what I was asking, the answers helped me step toward releasing, understanding, becoming aware of who I am and really what was holding me back from self worth and value, from all my desires and healthy relationships even the one with myself.
I also found my desires changed because really I no longer sought to obtain fitting into a paradigm or to be accepted, I instead discovered what my heart, my soul, my essence truly wanted.

If you are open, please know the questions that push you, the need to know answers are there for a reason. Guiding, nudging you to understand, accept, forgive maybe, to love and to open that connection with all that you are so you may move through, past it and step to open fully to the desires, releasing the dysfunctional patterns once and for all.

Namaste beautiful one!