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James Dean

I believe energies of loved ones who have left their bodies return to help us remember a certain feeling or time or to aide with closure when we are ready.

Being empathic or sensitive, I have felt a great deal in my life and I didn't understand what wasn't mine or really how to not own it, until starting my steps toward my self awareness. I think that's why for most of my life I looked to my older brother as an umbrella, to lead the way, to help guide me, to reassure me that my choices weren't wrong, I felt he understood me. However, today he no longer speaks to me. One incident triggered many years of how he truly felt and really showed me the bubble I was living in and how I took and expected a great deal from him. I miss him but I understand.

I remember playing with my dolls, barbies or swinging - times where I could bask in imagination and the moments, in quiet, unattached from other's emotions. To connect with the energy of love, joy and peace that I am, that surrounded me, that surrounds me. As a child I didn't understand any of this, however I knew what made me feel good, feel safe so I "escaped" in these times. As I got older, I steered away from the imagination and more to food, exercise, people, partying to help me "escape." Although those were always temporary and really didn't help.

My grandfather, James Dean's, energy came through to me the other day. I wasn't thinking about him and we didn't have a close relationship. I do remember him as loving, always happy no matter how he felt and I didn't have to escape when I was around him. His energy reminded me what I am, what still surrounds me - love and joy. That I am always connected to this unconditional love and I don't have to escape in order to feel it, to embody it. He also reminded me that I am safe, for if anything, his energy is helping me and reminding me I am not alone. Despite not having a close relationship when he was in body he made an impact on me none the less. Maybe you don't see who really is helping you on your path because they are playing the role of an extra in the play of your life. However, I believe all souls who we encounter help us or show us something, we merely need to be present and maybe we don't see it until we look back. I surely didn't understand the role my grandfather played until his energy stepped forward at the exact time I needed it.

What I experience for myself and for others has helped me to understand how energies, past loved ones, come forth at times to help us remember, grow and gain clarity. My grandfather, to me was a happy, calm, successful, multi-tasker. I remember he would have multiple t.v's and radios on all tuned into different sports games and he seemed to know what was occurring in each one. He was also a giver, he looked after his family and even long after his soul has left his body, he still provides.

Now, he's helping me remember different aspects that I didn't think were valuable but they are. When I feel alone, he reminds me that I'm not, when I feel frightened or worried about how I will support myself and my kids he reminds me that I am my own security blanket and he's with me, assisting me from the most expansive energy there is, that I am. Thank you!


I share my experiences in hopes that they may help you along your path, in understanding or really to know you aren't alone.


I wish you much love and many blessings in this moment and always. Namaste