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My Perspective

I see so much guidance especially now in the "spiritual" aspect.

Looking back on the cobblestones I have stepped upon I see how at times it was confusing, I wanted people to tell me which stone to place my next step on. To answer the question of who I am and why I'm here. I didn't know how to make choices of my own or really for me because I had been a people pleaser, not wanting to ruffle feathers nor step on the wrong toe because I would feel it deeply. I was a pretty good Chamaeleon shifting and changing to please and feel loved and supported.

Than I was sent a jolt. To me this looked like an ending to a 10 year marriage. One that was full of dysfunctional emotional roller coasters and me trying to ride those ups and downs. And although I wasn't happy, it was how I had thought security should look like despite how the relationship looked and felt. I was also faced with foreclosure and losing my job due to downsizing. I think what pushed me on was how I was going to support my kids. It still wasn't about me. Not yet anyway. I did what I'd always done, asked for help from a lot of people and not put any thought into that I could do this. I had no belief in myself.

I had prayed off and on in my life, mostly when I needed something but I don't think I fully believed from my heart. However, this transition in my life was the beginning of me allowing and partnering with The Divine, The All That Is.

I was given support and space (time between jobs) to start remembering how I enjoyed the quiet connection. To really start going within.

Somehow a Shaman came into my radar. (Although I believe nothing is without reason). I went and saw her and worked with her for a while. She helped me open up to my creativity, to new experiences that really weren't new to my soul. It was the start that aided me to ask questions, to go deep, to release and really to open to all that I am. I found a deep inner peace, understood my empathy and the voices I had always heard and not understood and also the knowing. Why I knew things that others seemed to not? In addition, I opened up my other "psychic" abilities. If I had to pin point my awakening this period would be highlighted.

From that point I have expanded so much more, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, physically, with Mother Earth and Creator. For these relationships I cherish so dearly. I have also partnered with so many beautiful guides, in human form and energetic, all helping with each cobblestone step. Some knowingly were my teachers some not. Although none telling how to step but guiding, supporting, hearing me and helping me as I moved and shifted. I learned that when we can broaden our vision and not limit our sights on one path or one way, where we can look up from where we stand and see how amazing, how limitless, how exciting and fulfilling this experience can be if we choose, we are than able to open to peace, love, compassion, our truth, our true desires and release what is not supporting us and the facades we've created.

I don't believe the end result is how much money nor what status we have because as we step into our truth we gain wisdom in not only that but the Universal Knowledge and that in itself shifts us. For we than reside in the high vibrational state and the idea of Oneness is no longer just an idea.

I have also discovered that getting to this space of all that we are takes effort. Effort to face the fears, the anger, the pain, lack of love, the lack of worth and the patterns that continually play out in our life movie. Thus we may let go, no longer holding onto them, and allowing ourselves to have new experiences, ones that we choose and ones that aren't dictated by old beliefs or old emotions that aren't ours, that no longer resonate or that don't support our truth, our essence.

These steps I took were truly for me and really in that form those around me benefit. For as I stand in my truth, come from my heart field, my energy represents that. My interactions are so much more than they have ever been, the abundance that I once thought was just about money has been shown to me in many many forms.

Yes, today I still partner with guides in the physical and energetically as well as the ancestors for myself and in sessions I offer. Your journey may not be about connecting to Spirit however, your life will shift and prosper in many ways if you venture within, release what doesn't support you and stand in your own truth.

I wish you much love and many blessings in your experience.

Namaste beautiful one