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Lately as my yoga practice has been more constant I find it's an ideal opportunity for Spirit and I to speak. Since I have found I speak with Spirit everywhere I, at times, don't take special time to sit and connect. That connection is always there, it's always on, always open and I like it. So please don't tell me to turn it off or set boundaries. I do have boundaries with who or what I speak with and my relationship with my team works rather well

One such day as I entered into Shavasana, final resting pose, Spirit and I were speaking. The widom regarding the Infinite Self was offered and I thought it may help another to share.

It was explained to me that the Infinite Self is not something to go and achieve. It is not something that I nor you are not already. Meaning, we are already our Infinite Selves. We are choosing how the Infinite Self is experiencing this human life. With all the emotions, with all the experiences. So it’s good to remember that it isn’t a goal to achieve, nothing to reach for. It is an opening to feel more, to expand more, so this expansion that you are working on is this greater opening. Basically we are connecting to our Infinite Self, the Source Of All Things, but it is not outside of us. It is always within you. The Infinite Self is always present, is always there, is always shifting and moving

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