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What Else Is There?

When we start coming out of our bubbles we get a more clear picture of what we create of life itself. Sitting in these cocoons, those comfort zones, the surety of knowing how life is going to present itself or how other people will show up to you, is a bubble. You may not like it, you may love it, but it in some way can be predictable. And that is safe. 

At some point cracks occur in your bubble, the knowing of it doesn’t feel right, the pull of what else is there starts getting louder. Maybe it arrives in the words “I want more.” (Which isn’t about materialism at all). That’s what happened to me, that voice inside whispering “what else is there” got louder and turned into a statement of “there is more to life then this.”

I thought for a while about how I could describe my journey to you. I can say I opened and continue to open myself up, release, expand, but that is sort of simplistic and generic and doesn’t really tell you much. 

What I can say is that I have died many times. I have witnessed my own death in various ways, I have gone to places where transitioned souls go, I have helped souls that were in limbo or in a stagnant space to fully cross over. I have journeyed far and wide, outside of this two dimensional timeline and witnessed many things beyond the bubbles. My eyes have been opened to this life the heaviness the lightness and all of the between. I have opened and experienced my physicality, the energies of myself in such crazy ways. I have known what it feels like very clearly the expansion of connecting with the Divinity that I am and also when darkness so to speak or heavy energies weigh me down, seemly were part of me. 

All that I describe has different terminologies maybe understandings in a different way but I think it comes down to what are you and are you curious about what that even means or the expansion of more than the stories that you navigate through each day? 

I have been through those turmoils, the lacking, insufficiencies, the desperations, the not feeling accepted or different, the uplifting‘s the struggles and strains. It is as if I have been in a tunnel which began with me holding onto so much. You can image it as layers and layers of clothing and as I have walked forward the layers have shed, the tunnel dissipates and I’ve opened myself more to the understandings and connection of who I am more clearly. 

That we really aren’t any different except in our unique understandings and that everything and everyone is interconnected.  

I can see very clearly your path. I have found that sometimes talking and hearing feedback as wisdom and guidance helps along our journeys but also I have found healings on the energetic level offers a balance and a deeper, more quickening shift for your mind, body and soul. 

For we are not merely heady people and you can try to solve all your problems in your mind but you will always find a limitation there. For at times the mind doesn’t understand something or have a comparison to even embody it. Sure you can say yes, I know or that resonates with me but it is different when it is embodied. It is so so much more when you embody your own truths. 

Thus I have found taking responsibilities for ourselves, understanding how and why we create or make the choices that we do, we can shift ourselves, we can release, we can let go with more ease, for it is not a blame game or a victim game it is a self empowerment.  

What’s the point though? The point is living your life to the fullest, that you don’t sit there or arrive with regret, that you travel your breathes in freedom, love and joy. All of which you decide what that is and feels like. The point is to be you fully and not the one you hide or conform or that you mute based on others or acceptance or judgment or being understood. The point is for you to create change within and experience what you are asking for instead of trying to find it off in the distance. Constantly reaching and never fully grasping. The cycle of disappointments. 

As I sit here so humbled with what I have been through, what I understand, what I have gained, learned and let go of, I am truly truly grateful for the teachers, my allies, the support systems and all that have and do accompany me on this journey. 

I see so much more clearly the unseen and seen and how it all interweaves. I live this with each breath. 

I see you as wholeness. Wholeness moves together. You are not fragmented and when you understand your core foundation of how you are rooted in this moment, how you have gotten to this point, you can change those roots and navigate this life differently. Replant yourself or shift your soil. Thus you shift one thing it ripples to all areas of your life. But it really starts with questioning. With wanting to look deeper into your mirror. With you inquiring into the curiosity of what else is there and finding your authentic truth in that. Maybe what I say doesn’t resonate with you. There are so many different paths and different ways to open and understand yourself beyond blaming something or someone. To understand your life from your Divine self that perhaps like me you’ll take bits of information and understandings from here and there. As if you’re tasting each chocolate in a beautiful box.  

Let the structure underneath your feet become more stable. Follow your deep inner questions. The ones beyond where is the money or the love. Ask yourself how does this or that feel? Is this really what I want? What does love, freedom, peace and joy feel like to me and do I give that to myself or is it based on an outside source?  

You are your best asset. You are the one seeing, witnessing, from your eyes. Feeling from your emotions. Navigating from your soul. You are the one having your life.  This is why understanding you at your core, beyond the stories that have been created, is the biggest gift you can give yourself because there is so much expansion, freedom, joy and love leading you in the here and now and less hiding and fear in control. 

Love and blessings to you.