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Where in your life have you been taught or learned you must struggle to have or achieve what you desire?

No pain no gain, you have to work hard to get ahead, another's story perhaps taught you or you must sacrifice to achieve. Even someone mentioning a belief in restriction that you may not have than determined for your self wasn't true sits in your subconscious mind. As if a post it note reminder that struggle must arise to obtain, advance or shift. This thought process could appear anywhere in your life - your body, career, money, relationships, to name a few. However this is limiting you. It is keeping you in a place of isolation and not partnering with the greater aspect that you are - Creator, God, The Universe.

When this belief lingers it will bring you more of it. Even if you ask for as an example, more money with ease. If you are still holding onto this thought somewhere in your psyche the Universe can't deliver with ease. There needs to be an alignment of the energies.

See why you have this understanding then keep it or comprehend the bigger perspective so you may release it and be in alignment of what you are desiring.

There is so much wisdom sharing on your thoughts become things, your energy and thoughts are creating your reality however if you still hold belief systems from your past that are limiting, you will continually be frustrated and disappointed that this manifestation concept isn't working.

May you align with All That You Are

Namaste beautiful one