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Do You Listen?

Do you listen to your body?

Do you rest when you're tired or put more caffeine into you? When your body is feeling drained or overwhelmed do you take a moment maybe take a bath, sit for 5 minutes alone and just breathe or write? Or do you ignore these alerts and keep going, as if life would stop if you did?

Do you allow yourself the joy of laughter or the smile just because? Do you allow yourself to feel deep love from not just a partner?

It's very easy to listen to our thoughts because they seem like they are in control but our bodies are what we should listen to more. The emotional body, physical body and align that with the mental body. The body gives us warnings - pains, aches that we can mask or band-aide however I believe there is an underlying energy that is igniting that pain or discomfort or illness. One to be looked at in a more metaphysical way. One to be cared for. I'm not saying stop taking your pills. I'm suggesting don't only use that as a way to heal. Allow yourself to also embody, embrace, the healing of the emotional body. The pains, fears, doubts and worries that have been plaguing you for so long in which you have minimized, devalued, and ignored.

When I was ten, I used to have pains in my lower stomach, my solar plexus chakra area. It started when I was being teased. I would walk home followed by two girls ridiculing me. I did have a British accent at the time and that seemed to be the focal point although my weight was probably added into the mix. I wasn't the skinniest of children. I remember mostly the teasing was about my voice. The voice that I had muffled for so long anyway, the voice I had rarely spoken my emotions because of fear. Instead I had pushed them down and here I was merely talking. In hindsight, they supported my belief that my words weren't of value. I wasn't of value.

The pain continued for a long long time. It wasn't constant but sporadic. Looking back and doing my inner work I can now easily see where it arose. Each time I wasn't speaking my truth, when I put someone in front of me and didn't acknowledge what I was feeling, thinking or seeing it would than shake my hand and say "hi, I'm still here, remember me?" It wasn't looking for an outside validation but asking me to validate my voice, my truth. It wasn't about not aiding someone, not being a mom but finding the balance because I am just as important as anyone else.

It wasn't until I started going within and understanding myself, liking myself, loving myself, learning about my body in a new way and the energies that flow through me, the feelings, that I started standing in my value. In All I Am.

Yes there have been pains, lots of emotions arising, some stronger than other. I gained access to comprehending the story lines in my life and how they aided my actions, my thoughts, what I wasn't feeling and what I was ignoring. Each and every soul I've encountered has supported me.

If we can create this from something we are not even aware of what we're doing, we can certainly shift them to more of what's supporting us, to more of creating new experiences that we desire, not ones that are of limitation. This is an expansive freedom feeling. It's comfortable and trusting. Trusting of ones self, trusting of The All That Is, The All You Are.

Mask the pain if you wish but why not also explore the reasons why. Sure doctors can say you have this because of that however that is a tool being used to cover the challenge or issue that is needing to be looked at in a new way, from a new perspective.

Honor yourself. You are a beautiful, amazing soul. Honor your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, All That You Are and shift. Let go of all that isn't serving you in your expansiveness or don't.

I love you!

Namaste beautiful ones