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Are you ready?

When you aren't chasing something or someone you are left with yourself. Do you even get to this space? Or do you run and hide staying "busy" so old thoughts and emotions don't arise? If you sat with yourself would you be loving or judgmental? Could you be compassionate to your inner child or disregard his or her feelings to move on? Can you just be with you? Out of your mind, in your body, feeling, fully allowing what wants to arise to arise and be released?

This place is one you've run from, created patterns to not feel from. This place sits there like a room no one goes into that always has the light turned off. But this space has power - it's controlling your choices. Remember, your choices are made so you don't turn on that light, thus you are limiting yourself.

What would happen if you turned on this light? Discomfort perhaps. Pain perhaps. Anger, disappointment, unworthiness, lacking love perhaps but these would be showing you the things you crave now from yourself.

Are you ready to go there?? It's enlightening, expanding, it's a world as you haven't known. It's a space of All That You Are.

The outside world will never fully be able to turn this light on. This power comes from within. You are this power. You are the magic. You have all you need right now to start. Oh warrior so strong, will you allow the closed off part of you to continue to rule or are you ready to create change?

I love you!

Aho beautiful one