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I sit in my living room listening. Listening to the washing machine, grateful to have this convenience. My awareness moves beyond this, to my neighbors - the screaming. No one seems to be heard, so they yell louder, on top of each other. Seeing the only reserve to this is a feeling of anger perhaps, devaluing, isolation to a room.
I ask what is the gift here? How do I sit in gratitude of this example for it is routine, this example is more frequent now than before. It not only stems from the next door but also the neighbor above.
I feel the anger, the frustration, the control being placed upon another, the not being heard or felt heard.
The words I hate you ring out so clearly, so felt in the moment from one to another.
I choose to witness and ask once more what is the gift here?
The initial thoughts are I have my own space, appreciate the quiet, the stillness I receive, appreciate the chaos though as well, find the gratitude in the deep opening I have created within, the love I stand in and that I have embraced.
I can not change anyone. Those around me are showing me something of myself. I ask where does anger still linger, where does acceptance within still need love, where am I not being heard within me?
My inner child raises her hand. Play with me she says. Dance with me she beckons. Hear me she whispers, love me unconditionally as she reaches out her hand.
Yes! I reach out my hand and I oblige.

When was the last time you nurtured little you? When was the last time you played or created without an agenda?

In this heightened awareness the outside world calms. A peace has blanketed this moment.

Go within. Do the work.
I love you!
Namaste beautiful one 🙏🏻❤️