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Magic is beneath you. Magic is within you. The idea is to cultivate that magic from within but first you must believe in it. It doesn't come from the outside, it comes from the inside. The potions, the wands, the direction comes from within, so do you believe in that magic? Do you understand that the magic within you has created all you see right now? Do you understand that the magic within you is continually creating? Do you understand that there is no separation from what is created except what you have put into place?

The magic could look like a tree, a bird, a home, the magic could look like a mountain top, a beautiful sunrise or money. The magic comes in various forms but it is all the same magic. How do you choose? Why is it more acceptable for you to see the tree as magic and not the money? What has created that? Why is it so easy to accept the magic of the animals, the flower that emerges from the mud and not the desires that you beckon for? There is no separation. It is releasing those parameters, those lines, those that you have been taught and instilled in you that have created this. You have already gotten some of this out of the way. How do you blur the lines more? How do you see the plant as money, as a coin or dollar? How do you see the flower blooming as the expansiveness of your experience?

Use your imagination. The wonderment is there, the feeling is there, grasp onto the feeling of the plant, the plants energy blooming, expanding, retracting and blooming again. How does that feel? What does that feel? It is the same thing with every other subject that you put into place there. Maybe it's a relationship, maybe it's a career, maybe it's your money or a trip. Things are always birthing, growing, expanding, dying, birthing again. The cycle continues but with each birth there is something different. Each leaf that grows from a branch is different than the other. Perhaps that difference is only seen under a microscope. Each plant doesn't look the same when it bursts again, neither does each human body. These are the cycles. The birthing, the experiencing, the letting go or the death which brings forth new birth, new understanding, new awareness and new experiences come forth. Do you see with each cycle it is never repeated the same? Each cycle experience is not the same of the last even in minute differences. Perhaps the appearance looks the same. Embody that feeling of the cycle. Look or imagine all the flowers in the field. The butterfly dancing amongst them. The freedom that you see, that you feel from them, the flowers, this is you. Stand for a moment and just watch or imagine, look, feel. What do the flowers show you? What do the flowers in the field show you?

Perhaps freedom, not caring, unrestricted? They are not bound or told how to grow. They just are. Imagine this for you. What do you feel? What do you see? Sit in this peace, in this light, in the opening and be.

Namaste beautiful one