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Choices and the Path Inward

We make choices that we know how to make from where we are. When are view or understanding is narrowed, when our eyes are fixated upon only one direction, one way, this is the point we choose from. So we base our decision perhaps on what we know or think to survive or to get what we want. This can be restricting and create patterns.

Yes, at one point the reactions or patterns that were created were needed or somewhere within it was thought they were needed. They've served their purpose, thank you, now it's time to let them go. Sometimes the release is a choice, other times we need to understand why in more depth. You will know which.

Don't look back on your choices as bad, they are just where you were at the time, with what you had and what you knew. Don't beat yourself up from past decisions. They have led you to where you are today, with a deeper understanding, more clarity perhaps.

Maybe you're still sitting in an emotion that is festering. That is only holding you back from having an expansive, beautiful life, one of more of what you desire.

The path inward breaks the cycles, breaks us free from our patterns or survival choices and it allows us to be more free flowing. Free to make our own decision from our essence and not from a defensive space. Perhaps you say I'm not that way anymore. Okay, look around. You'll be able to see it in what you are or are not creating.

Go inward, let go, forgive, understand, love, become aware and allow yourself a new experience of abundance, of expansiveness, of love.

I love you! Namaste beautiful one.