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My Journey

As I reflect on my journey, how I got in touch, connecting with Spirit, I see how far I have come. 

It started with really my desire to be like all the Spiritual Counselors that I would go and see. I would question, why can't I be like that? Why aren't I like that? That stuck in me. You know, that little voice inside that keeps reminding you about stuff? I then stepped onto my path, I started working with a Shamanic Practitioner. I, my creativity, was opened up, but more so what I realized was that it was easy for me to trust. How so you ask? Going on Shamanic journeys, since I didn't think I had a creative spark I didn't question as much of what I was getting - what messages I was receiving. I embraced it. In the journeys I would meet Power Animals or Spirit guides and they would give me messages or guidance. It was okay because I didn't think my head was really that creative and it opened a part of me up. Thus, I allowed the connection with Spirit to begin.

As I continued to journey and trust, I found the guidance would also come through in my dreams. I slowly allowed spirit to connect or really, I slowly allowed myself to connect with Spirit in different elements, like journeying, my dreams and then in symbols and signs in the physical world. Once I was attuned to reiki 1, I was introduced to the energy which helped me realize how much energy I really do feel. This also opened me up to the clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizant, clairsentience and connecting with the channeling. What I found was everything is a form of channeling. If they are all messages from The Divine, how we receive them is what we allow and what we trust. Thus the Shamanic training really set a great foundation for me. It really set the trust in motion. I then worked with a channeling coach who helped me to connect on a deeper level with my guides.

All along the underlying drive for me has been connection, connection, wanting the connection with Spirit, wanting that powerful guidance. It was a drive in me. Now Spirit talks to me all the time. I'm open to Spirit communicating with me. I do not have to sit in meditation. I do not have to make a whole ritual of connecting to my guides. I am open. I set the intention that what comes through me is for the highest and best good for myself and for others. That I am a clear open channel for the wisdom and healing of the Divine and that is what comes through. Spirit sometimes still shows me messages in the physicality, sometimes they just talk to me or through me. I'll have a conversation with someone and Spirit is talking through me. It's just what happens. I am open to it and I trust it because I know I am protected and I know what vibration I reside in. How? Because I can feel it and I trust. I am fully entrusting the guidance that is coming through because I can feel the power, the love and the joy that comes through with the guidance. If that makes any sense.

This is an amazing process as I look back and see my path, I had to grow. There were times when I would write my wishes, my connection - I wish to connect with you, I wish to remember my dreams and it just wouldn't happen. But I kept pushing and I kept pushing and then the Shamanic training was put in my path and really opened it all up for me. Honestly, it set my starting point for the connection with my guides. I am so grateful for that! I can see I have come so far.

It is very easy for me to channel. I see in the channeling that comes through me Spirit is wanting to help you. Help you feel the love, help you grow, learn and expand yourself. They are guides, they are guidance, you make the choices.

Where do you want to be? What do you want? Who are you? Spirit helps clarify these and helps you to take steps towards your desires, helps you see the bigger picture, helps you to understand people, situations, all so you can get to where you want to be. But it's all a choice. So I am grateful and am thankful for where I've come and how I've come. People say "well you've grown so fast." I think we're all on our own path, we all have our own pace, but mine was the drive and the persistence of wanting to connect, wanting to connect, wanting to connect. I just couldn't stop because it's just so powerful, it's awesome and really it was a drive, that little voice within that kept pushing me.

So where are you at today? What's going on with you? What's your story? Do you need help with something? Spirit and I are here to help - the guidance, the energy work also helps balancing the energy fields so you can hear the guidance, so you can decipher the bigger picture. Most times when the energy bodies are clogged it's of emotion. It's all the fear, the doubt, the worry, and the lack of self worth and that's all clogged up. When the energy comes into play it works to help clear that up and helps you see, to come from a better place, to come from a more balanced place, and even keel place so you understand and you're not making choices based on your emotions. Which a lot of times either you regret or you continue to be in a cycle of the same patterns, the same lack of money, the same type of relationships, the same unhappiness. It's a cycle until we can step out of that cycle and chose a different path.

When we get energy attunements they fully open the energy centers so you can continually come more from an even keel space. Yes there is work that comes with being attuned to the energy healing, it is not like okay I'm going to get cleared and then life is going to be better. Yes, life will be better and you have to clean out all the shit that is there - the patterns, the what's holding you back from moving forward. It's work but it's powerful work and it sets you higher and it sets you more on your path of what you want, it opens you up to receive what you have been desiring. If you get the second attunement then you can be the vessel for giving that energy to other people and you can share the power that you have experienced with someone else. If you become a master / teacher you can teach that to other people, how they can do it. You can attune people to that powerful energy that you have experienced .

So that is where I am. That is who I am.

I wish you much love and many blessings today and everyday